50 Years of CRV

Ready, set … GO.

1969 A small group of like-minded farmers create Animal Breeding Services Ltd. The initial focus is on genetics for the beef industry, importing French Charolais sires, that were then crossed with Hereford and Angus cattle.





Ambreed genetics begin.

1970 The founders begin operating a bull center in Cambridge, with a focus on dairy semen production for the NZ market. It’s the first privately owned company in NZ to operate a licensed artificial insemination (AI) centre.

1972 The first DIY artificial insemination training schools are introduced allowing farmers to have the flexibility of managing their own mating programme.

1973 Animal Breeding Services Ltd is sold and purchased by American Breeders Service, the world’s largest AI company!

1976 The telex name given to American Breeders Service for communication between USA and NZ is Ambreed. This becomes the name of the business when the kiwi staff acquire back the interest of the company and begin operating as Ambreed NZ Ltd.

Legend Sire:
Pukeroro I L ROSCOE
sired over 23,000 dairy cows.

Dairy farmers flock to Ambreed.

Dairy farmers flock to Ambreed.

1980 Growth in sales resulted in the need for a custom-built dispatch block, which needed many extensions in the years to come.

1983 The total shareholding of Ambreed NZ Ltd is purchased by Animal Enterprises Ltd, one of New Zealand’s largest livestock exporting firms.

1989 A large number of dairy cows in New Zealand are now mated to Ambreed produced semen, with progeny popularly known to become “decent cows that produce”. New Zealand Dairy Board (NZDB) buys Ambreed NZ Ltd from Animal Enterprises Ltd, also owning Livestock Improvement.

Legend Sires:
Crescent Senator SAM
Pukeroro Norbert LOU
Woodbine Valiant ELMER-ET
sired over 50,000 dairy cows

Ambreed herds stand out.

1990 Investigation into tropical dairy sires begins, in recognising the need for increased heat tolerance.

1992 NZ’s first Wagyu sire, Ninja Warrior, is introduced to NZ farmers.

1996 Breeding Worth Index is introduced to the dairy industry.

1997 World Dairy Expo Tour, a specialised event for dairy farmers, is held in NZ with Ambreed on the organising committee.

1997 The company is supplying some of the highest merit sires and continuing to offer a wide range of genetics and services to the dairy industry. Staff successfully negotiate a management buyout from NZDB.

Legend Sires:
Peticote MIDNIGHT-ET(imp)
sired over 75,000 dairy cows

Ambreed innovation catches the eye of CRV.

2000 NZ’s first crossbred sire Amadeus, a J12F4, is released to market. An overall high performer with huge production, straws are sold fresh to keep up with demand.

2003 Ambreed is sold to CRV Delta, a global AI company based in Holland, renowned for its research and innovation. CRV Ambreed becomes the global grazing genetics supplier to CRV subsidiaries.

2005 CRV’s genetics team develop a desired gains indexing system (NZMI) for cows and bulls. The goal is to breed cows with longevity, good udders and good capacity.

2007 A unique ‘three sire per straw’ product called FertaBull is launched with a focus on the demand for quality dairy beef of spring.

2008 NZ-proven sexed semen is introduced, another first for the industry. Three bulls are live exported to Texas for collection and sorting. Sorted semen is then returned to NZ for distribution.

Legend Sires:
Glenariff Ads PANACHE ET
Whinlea Magley EXTASY
Top Deck Ko PIERRE
Hibi Secret SKELTON
Telesis Euon FIRENZE
Okura Lika MURMUR S3J
sired over 380,000 dairy cows

Sustainable future for dairying.

2011 Teams of genomically selected sires give dairy farmers access to elite young sires prior to their four-year proof, sold as a mixed team with proven sires.

2014 CRV Ambreed purchases Liberty Genetics, a company specialising in low-cost, high quality teams of young bulls. Liberty and CRV Ambreed move to the new Bellevue Production and Logistics Centre, a world-class export-approved bovine semen production and logistics facility.

2014 Facial eczema tolerant sires are introduced after 10 years of research and collaboration with AgResearch. The goal is to help combat FE challenges herds face in summer.

2016 Homozygous Polled (hornless) sires are introduced, which will produce calves that will not need costly and time-consuming de-budding.

2017 The LowNTM Sires team is announced, new environmentally sustainable genetics with low MUN.

2017 Majority shareholding is gained in Animal Breeding Services (ABS), offering a comprehensive range of reproductive technologies applicable to the livestock breeding industry.

2018 The CRV group acquires New Zealand based semen sorting startup, Engender.

2019 CRV Ambreed celebrates 50 years of breeding in New Zealand

Upcoming Legends:
Marchel Fire MACCA-OC S2F

Better Cows > Better life

2020 CRV Ambreed is rebranded to become CRV, in a move to align all CRV business units across the global.

Half a century since its establishment by a small group of kiwis, CRV NZ is now part of the world’s third largest artificial breeding company, CRV Ltd.
CRV’s ambition is to occupy a leading role as a partner for farmers in breeding and genetics, and herd management through information products and services.
CRV stands for a healthy and efficient herd that farmers love to milk.

Healthy and efficient cows are better cows. A problem-free, easy herd that is a pleasure to milk. An economically producing herd that produces plenty of milk, with ease, for many lactations.

To simplify navigating the complex world of traits and breeding values in order to breed a healthy and efficient cow, CRV created all-in-one trait indexes,

CRV indexes CRV Health and CRV Efficiency allow us to claim the position, “Leading in Health and Efficiency”.

We’re committed to bringing the latest technology and herd improvements to kiwi farmers and continuing to be pioneers for the industry.
As we look to the future and the challenges facing farming, genetic solutions will become increasingly significant for farmers.
We will deliver on our promise of ‘Better Cows | Better Life’.
Here’s to the next 50 years!