Golden Straws all found


CRV inserted five golden straws into five AI banks – three in the North Island and two in the South Island – as distribution of semen straws started ahead of spring mating. Those who found a golden straw won $2000. The promotion was part of golden anniversary celebrations, recognising the company’s 50th year of proven performance.

The winners were all delighted. Here’s what they had to say:

Golden Straw win makes holiday a reality for Oxford farmers A well-deserved break away is now a reality for Oxford dairy farmers Mike and Nicola Smith, thanks to a little help from their breeding company. They will put the money towards a family trip to Fiji to celebrate the end of a busy calving and mating season. “Our CRV field rep told me to check the straws. When I pulled it out, I thought there was something wrong with the straw. It was a nice surprise. We usually just get bills in the mail. I don’t normally win anything.”

Walton dairy farmer Tracey Gaskell doesn’t often enter competitions, but after striking gold in her cow shed this spring, she thinks her luck is changing. “I don’t really enter competitions because I never think there’s much chance of winning. So, I was pretty stoked to find the golden straw in our bank,” says Tracey, who farms with her fiancé John Leech.

Golden Straw tops off a trifecta of celebrations for Te Pahu farmers. The celebrations keep coming for Te Pahu dairy farmers Sandra and Stephen Law, whose family just celebrated three generations and 75 years on the same farm in the Waikato. Sandra was the one who found the golden straw in the AI bank and Stephen says the surprise couldn’t have come at a better time. Sandra read about the promotion and was thrilled when she found it.

Taranaki dairy farmers strike gold! Linda and Richard Gurnick were eight days into mating and doing AI on four dairy farms in Taranaki, when they struck gold. “We got the email about the promotion from CRV, but thought we’d never get this lucky,” says Linda. “Eight days into mating I found the straw in our second AI bank. I thought ‘yeah right’, that sort of thing doesn’t happen to us.”

West Coast dairy farmer Walter Delany has had a slow start to mating on his dairy farm this season, but a windfall from CRV Ambreed has given him a boost. Walter and Heather only have about three weeks of mating left, so they are looking forward to celebrating by spending their win when AI season is over.


CRV Ambreed, Sales and Marketing Manager Oceania, Jon Lee, said mating was a busy time of year for farmers and their staff, and they had a lot riding on their AI.  “We hoped this contest would help create a bit of excitement and anticipation in the cow shed. It’s also a small way we can show our gratitude. Our sincere congratulations to all the winners!”

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