About CRV

CRV Ambreed
CRV Ambreed’s business is built around one goal: helping dairy farmers achieve their highest performing herd possible.

Our customers run their farms under many different conditions and farming systems. They also have different business goals. One thing all farmers have in common is a focus on developing a high performing herd.

Working with the CRV Ambreed team provides dairy farmers with:

  • Insight into genetic performance and capability
  • A range of products and services to suit individual needs
  • Access to world-class expertise and support

We have been focused on innovative herd management solutions in New Zealand for almost 50 years, providing services and products that benefit both our customers and the New Zealand dairy industry as a whole.

CRV Global
CRV is one of the largest herd improvement companies in the world with offices in The Netherlands (Head Office), Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Luxembourg, South Africa, Brazil, the USA, the Czech Republic and Spain. CRV also exports semen to about 50 other countries through a loyal distributors network.

CRV currently employs about 2,000 people worldwide.

CRV is a co-operative owned by the Dutch Co-operative CR Delta and the Flemish Co-operative VRV. About 27,000 dairy and beef farmers in the Netherlands and Flanders are member of these co-ops and they have great influence on CRV’s policy and decision-making through advisory bodies and member committees.

CRV plays a significant role in the international world of herd management. The company’s goal is to proactively manage ongoing changing market demands by offering innovative solutions tailored to our customers’ needs – both dairy and beef farmers across the globe.

Customer focus
Customer needs and adding value to their farming businesses determines the activities we undertake. Our employees are also inspired by the cattle industry, and it’s that inspiration that drives us to support our customers and to help them to achieve their herd improvement goals.

Being a reliable partner
Being reliable and transparent is very important in the way we work with our customers. We have processes in place to ensure the quality of our products and services meets the expectations of our customers.

CRV’s goal is to provide sustainable value-added support to customers to ensure the continuity of their businesses for future generations. Therefore we focus on long-term benefits for all stakeholders including all customers, employees, suppliers and the wider industry.