1. CRV will allocate the maximum number of straws per farm that you will need (minimum order 100 straws).
  2. PortaBull must be used at mating. This will be loaded with SireMatch Protect to protect your herd against inbreeding.
  3. At AB all matings must be entered into PortaBull (applies to DIY and ‘In the cow’ CRV AB Technician).
  4. The Customer cannot move straws between the farm the straws were ordered for and any other farm.
  5. After AB is complete for the farm using Automate, and PortaBull is closed, you will be invoiced for the number of straws used, based on the PortaBull records.
  6. There is no storage available for Automate straws. The Customer understands that all unused genetic product from the Automate team will be destroyed. If an order includes Nominated straws, these can be stored.
  7. For customer purchasing nominated and Automate straws, separate orders are required for Nominated Bull Packs. Nominated straws are invoiced on dispatch.
  8. In addition, the standard CRV Terms and Conditions apply and are to be read in conjunction with the above and definitions used in the standard terms and conditions also apply to these Automate Terms and Conditions.