Breeding Support



Breeding lays the basis for herd performance. By taking the right breeding decisions and using the best bulls to breed the next generation of animals, dairy farmers create the ideal herd to work with on their farm. Breeding is an essential part of optimal herd management.


CRV Ambreed supports farmers with a wide choice of bulls and breeding solutions:
What is the added value delivered by CRV Ambreed with genetic herd management? Efficient & Easy to manage herds. These two very important market dynamics determine the ideal herd that our farmers aim for:
• the fluctuating prices for milk, meat and resources mean that farmers cast an increasingly critical eye on cost prices and margins. To survive the challenges of these dynamics, they need herds that produce efficiently.
• the operational management of farms is gaining in complexity. The increasing herd size is one factor while another is the greater precision required to accomplish the desired efficiency. To steer a clear course in this complex situation, farmers need a herd that is easy to manage.

The products and services offered by CRV, and not least the genetics, have been driving an efficient and easy to manage herd for many years now.

The five themes of our Herd Navigator Wheel are interrelated and vital in achieving the goal of an efficient and easy to manage herd.
How does that work?

Production Longevity Health Fertility Efficiency

Efficiency – everything needs to come together

For efficient production a herd must have sufficiently high production partnered with efficient feed conversion and high longevity. This efficiency is only optimal if the herd has good fertility and excellent health. Five themes that also have a strong mutual influence. That is why they are shown in a circle, as linked elements.

Easy management – we all win

The cows in an easy to manage herd are above all healthy and fertile. This reduces the costs relating to fertility and veterinary care, and, importantly, lightens the workload. An added benefit is that the high health and fertility status of the animals increases their chances of becoming older and therefore producing efficiently. Here too the relevance of the five interrelated themes is proven. And it is a win-win-situation, as animal welfare is also enhanced by good health and high longevity.


Production Longevity Health Fertility Efficiency