Open Market Bull Calves



  • We are looking for high genetic merit bull calves out of top cow families,
  • They need solid pedigree with high performance/production from dam, grand dam and great grand dam,
  • Minimum index criteria for a bull dam.
Friesian 200 155
Jersey 185 170
Crossbred 200 180


These index levels are guidelines alongside important traits like udder overall, capacity and dairy conformation to ensure an efficient high milksolid producer, lasting a long time in the herd.



  1. Complete and submit this form,
  2. We will give you a yes or no answer via text & email in three working days,
  3. If yes, you will be requested to collect and send tail hairs to CRV for DNA testing (genotyping).



  • Monthly genomic selection meetings are held from August to December,
  • After every monthly meeting farmers are advised by text & email if their bull is included into the CRV PT team or did not make the cut.
If a bull calf is selected for CRV’s Progeny Test Programme you can sell your bull under one of two options;

Option 1
$1250 + GST, plus a royalty of 5% of the gross amount of the bulls semen sales received by CRV, excluding semen sold for Progeny Test.

Option 2
$4000 + GST purchase price
$2000 + GST additional payment if the bull is an InSire Graduate
$5000 + GST additional payment if the bull is a Proven Graduate
Bonus Payments: (Applicable to either purchase options)
$500 + GST Bonus if the bull results from an Embryo Transfer
$1000 +GST Bonus if the bull is ranked in the Top 1% gNZMI


We can send you a sire list (email to request the list)

Yes, at least twice a year, in order for enough data to be available.

Within 3 working days we will give you a Yes or No answer via text & email.
If Yes, we will ask you to send CRV Tail Hairs of bull calf for DNA testing/genotyping. After DNA testing, monthly meetings, it can take up to December for final decision.

High genetic merit cows in the herd, normally out of the best cow families in the herd. Bull calves out of dams with following BW (after base change):
Friesian cows – 155+ BW
Jersey cows – 170+ BW
Crossbred cows – 180+ BW
Also need high PW’s & LW’s quite higher than BW.
Outcross bloodlines are a bonus
Solid pedigree with high performance/production from dam, grand dam and great grand dam, ideally finding some of the best bulls in the 3 generations pedigree

Yes we can, however we would prefer if you alerted us to the calves you know are from your best cow families. We can’t guarantee we will get to look at all records.

Complete the application form, and we will be in touch with you within three working days.

Click here for the bull calves nomination form
We will respond to all submissions in three working days. If you do not hear from us, please email