Flash heat detection device wins innovation award


Gallagher was a winner at this year’s New Zealand National Agricultural Fieldays receiving the Fieldays International Innovation Award for its Flashmate electronic heat detectors, sold by CRV Ambreed.

The animal management technology provider unveiled Flashmates last year.  Since their release to market, Flashmates have proven to be a game changer for farmers wanting to lift their herd’s mating performance.

Mark Harris, global marketing manager for Gallagher, said the award was a nice fit with the 2016 Fieldays theme of collaboration and the company was “extremely proud” to have received the International Innovation Award.

“The Flashmate concept was developed by technology start-up company Farmshed Labs and two years ago we formed a partnership to bring this unique concept to market,” Harris explained.

“After extensive testing and refinement in both the lab and on farms throughout the country, the product has now launched across Australasia. This award is great recognition of what Gallagher and Farmshed Labs have worked hard to achieve together,” he said.

Flashmate’s simple, clever design means even staff with a limited understanding of heat detection can use Flashmate successfully.

When applied to a cow, Flashmate monitors riding activity and a simple flashing red light notification system instantly identifies if the cow is on heat. Once a heat is identified, the device will flash red for 26 hours, indicating the cow is ready for artificial insemination (AI).

The device continues monitoring for subsequent heats and if the cow does not return to heat after 25 days, it will begin flashing green to indicate that the cow is a ‘non-return’ and likely to be in-calf.  If AI fails, the unit will flash red again when the cow comes on heat again.

CRV Ambreed Sales and Marketing Manager Mathew Macfie said the herd improvement company was so impressed with its innovative design that they jumped at the opportunity to become an agent for the product.

“Flashmate takes the guesswork out of heat detection, saving farmers time and money. Farmers, and farm staff, can confidently select cows for AI after morning milking based on the flashing red light.”

Extensive trials on test farms have shown Flashmate helps farmers improve submission rates by detecting cows that may have otherwise been missed, lifting the critical ‘six-week in calf’ rate.

“CRV Ambreed is very proud to be partnering with Gallagher to market this product and have already seen a high level of interest from our dairy farming customers” says Macfie.

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