Great opportunities come from entering Dairy Business of the Year awards


Farmers are being encouraged to enter the 2018 Dairy Business of the Year (DBOY) competition, with entries closing on the 31st March.

The entry process is straight forward and can be completed online.


There are three main reasons to enter according to previous winners Anne-Marie and Duncan Wells. Firstly, entering is good in the way it makes you look at your business, understanding what you’ve done and where you’ve spent your money. Secondly, and of most benefit, was the report giving you in-depth analysis so you can see what you’re doing well and where there are opportunities to improve. And thirdly, going to the finals and the workshops, hearing about other farmers from all types of farms, learning what they do and how they do it. The benchmarking opportunity is valuable”.  2015 Supreme Winner, Anne-Marie and Duncan Wells – Outram, Otago.


In 2018 CRV Ambreed has renewed their sponsorship and support of DBOY.

“We see the benefits for farmers entering DBOY as it’s a great chance to stand back and review their business. In today’s changing environment, dairy farmers need to look forward and plan to ensure they can achieve their goals and the process you go through with DBOY will assist with that.”


“It may also appeal to some farmers to enter the non-competition section of DBOY, so they still benefit from the analysis but don’t move through to the competition stage” says Sales and Marketing Manager, Matt Macfie.


Dairy Business of the Year (DBOY) provides farmers with the opportunity to undertake a high-level analysis of the KPIs within their business that drive profitability, resilience, and sustainability, whilst benchmarking themselves against their counterparts.


In addition, there is the opportunity to win great prizes, plus the added benefits that come with being engaged with other leading dairy farmers through networking and organised DBOY events.


We encourage any farmers interested to log onto the website for more information and to enter.

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