Heat Detection Critical This Wet Spring


With this very wet spring, what impact will the weather have on the critical pre-mating period? 

We asked CRV Ambreed vet, Bill Hancock for advice.

“The weather will definitely have an impact. Cows may not have bounced back from calving as well as they would have in a warmer sunnier spring. They are going to be a little less enthusiastic about being active when cycling, less likely to be walking around the paddock, and not regularly riding.

This means farmers and farm staff need to keep a closer than usual eye on activities and use quality heat detection aids to assess what activity does occur.

As always, farmers need to start with a Heat Detection plan, who is doing what and when. Perhaps this year, one person could be dedicated to reading heat detection aids in the shed. The goal is still to put the right cows up at the right time, to get the best possible submission rates. It makes a big flow-on impact to miss a cycle and this year will be a challenge to detect heats.”

In summary:

  • Have a Heat Detection plan and ensure staff are aware what to look for
  • Use quality heat detection aids and take care when applying to wet coats
  • Ensure you read the heat detection aids daily
  • Be assured it will be worth the extra effort.

CRV Ambreed offers two adhesive Heat Detection Aids, Estrotects and Flashmate. Both are available for immediate dispatch, so if you haven’t yet ordered, contact our customer support team today on 0800 262 733.


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