Legacy CRV Ambreed herd for sale


Nearly 200 cows from what was once Ngahiwi Friesian Stud near Cambridge are to be sold by auction in late September.

The herd has been in the Hills family for more than 40 years and bred exclusively from semen produced by prominent CRV Ambreed bulls such as Firenze, Skelton, Pierre, Favour, Paramount and Paladium.

“It will be a very emotional day,” said CRV Ambreed sales consultant Bruce Hills who owned the 195-strong mainly Holstein Friesian herd, with a few crossbreed cows, for 35 years.

“There’s some bloody great cows in there,” said Bruce.

Bruce’s son Craig, who has owned the herd for five years, is selling after the family received an offer on their farm.

Bruce joined CRV Ambreed 33 years ago.

The Hills have introduced 35 heifers to the herd every year, so consequently there are many powerful breeding cows being offered for sale. Scoring an average NZMI 87, the herd is more than double the national average score of 38.

The herd is fully recorded but no longer registered as a stud. There are also late calvers and crossbred animals for sale.

“Bruce has been a passionate CRV breeder for quite a length of time,” said Fonterra Farm Source Livestock National Livestock Manager Trevor Hancock. “It’s a pretty well respected herd. The opportunity to get a good Friesian herd is not as frequent as it used to be.”

Fonterra Farm Source Livestock will hold the auction at 11.30am on September 30 at the Flume Road farm. For more details, phone Livestock Agent Kelly Higgins on 027 600 2374.


  • Herd sold in-milk, calved from 10 July.
  • 450kg+MS/cow annually.
  • HB shed, TB C10, BVD and EBL free, Lepto vac.
  • Herd tested annually, tested prior to auction.
  • This is a long established three digit herd code.

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