Science thrives in the Waikato as Kudos Awards names finalists for 2019


CRV Ambreed is delighted to have LowN Sires selected as a finalist in the 2019 Kudos Awards, in the Kudo Science Trust Food & Ags award section.

This year’s Kudos Awards finalists continue to prove that science thrives in Hamilton and the Waikato.
Eighteen finalists have been named in the region’s prestigious science excellence awards recognising research and scientific innovations in agriculture, medical, engineering, environmental, ICT and education.
Finalist achievements range from proven new ways to reduce and eliminate the use of antibiotics for mastitis in cattle; to genetic variations reducing nitrogen leaching; to improving outcomes for trauma patients; to world leading research on survival of marine species and coastal impacts shaping our coastlines, to major scientific engineering that will change both the human health and process industries. Not named in the list is the eminent scientist who will receive the supreme award for lifetime contribution to science.
That identity will be revealed on awards night.
“Our finalists are a reflection of the calibre of scientists living and working across our region. We are delighted to be able to recognise their work and the contribution they are making to the region. This is something worth celebrating” says Prof. Ross Lawrenson, chair of the Kudos Science Trust. “Being able to showcase the wealth of scientific expertise and achievements from Waikato is inspiring for our community and region. Finalists are role models for our next generation.The Trust is also working hard through its Science Spinners program to inspire our young people and communities to recognise the value of science and how it can impact and empower lives”.
The Kudos Science Trust established the Kudos Awards in 2009 to recognise and celebrate the achievements of the region’s world class scientists and researchers. With over 1000 PhD scientists living and working in the region, Waikato has the highest proportion of scientists and technicians in its workforce in New Zealand.

With the help of their partners the Trust has recognised over 220 scientists, and awarded prize money to further research, buy tools and attend international conferences. The awards will also acknowledge the achievements of Waikato’s top science students who will share the limelight when this year’s winners are announced at the 13th Annual Kudos Awards Gala Dinner on 5th September

The 2019 Kudos Award Finalists are:

Wintec Secondary Science Teacher/Educator Award
Lynnette Rogers, Kukutaaruhe Education Trust
Ricci Wesselink, Wintec
Rachael Goddard, University of Waikato
Hill Laboratories Laboratory Technologist Award
John Williamson, DairyNZ
Karen Thompson, NIWA
Raewyn Keene, St Pauls Collegiate
Kudos Science Trust Food & Ag Award
CRV Ambreed LowN
Farm Medix
Hamilton City Council ICT Award
Matthew Luckie, University of Waikato
Waikato Data Portal Team, Waikato Regional Council
Datamars Engineering Science Award
Amir Tarighaleslami, University of Waikato
Lee Streeter, University of Waikato
Waikato Regional Council Environmental Science Award
Jonathan Caldwell, Waikato Regional Council
Drew Lohrer, NIWA
Julia Mullarney, University of Waikato
Waikato DHB Medical Science Award
Doug White, Waikato DHB
Midland Trauma Research Centre
Ruth Martis, Wintec
University of Waikato Lifetime Achievement Award
Recipient announced at the Kudos Awards Gala Dinner on 5th September

Tickets to the Kudos Awards on 5th September can be purchased at:

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