CRV Ambreed Business Continuity Update – COVID-19

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To all valued CRV Ambreed farmers,

CRV continues to follow the guidance of the New Zealand government on how to best keep our staff and our farmers safe, and to continue to provide services to you.

We have moved quickly to successfully have a large proportion of our staff work remotely, whilst continuing to provide high standards of animal health and welfare and keep our operations running.

Considering the wide range of roles conducted at CRV, there are different implications of the Government lockdown.


Customer Support

Customer support contact details remain the same, you are able to phone or email the team.

Ph: 0800 262 733                 Email:

Sales Field Consultants

Field Consultants are available via phone. Each field consultant will be actively contacting customers, and we encourage you to keep in contact.

Herd Testing

Herd testing is currently being reviewed whilst we wait for MPI’s response to definition of essential services and acceptance of safe practices with such services. We are committed to supporting the Level 4 COVID-19 response and the state of national emergency announced by the Government today so that we too give NZ its greatest chance to eliminate or control this disease.

AI Team

As artificial insemination has been expressly stated as an essential service by MPI, we are able to continue AI work. Winter milk farmers, please contact your field consultant to discuss your upcoming technician requirements. Early planning and communication will ensure a great service to our clients.

Email and payments

A large number of customers are already receiving email invoices and statements. This is a preferred option. We are working to transition as many customers as possible to digital. If you currently pay by cheque, please contact Customer Support to arrange other payment means. As part of the Level 4 lockdown we are not able to send or receive posted documents.

How to keep in touch.

We will be using email as our primary means of contact, along with the phone. You can also keep an eye on facebook page (@CRVAmbreed) for immediate notice of any required changes to what has been outlined above.

We won’t be bombarding you with messages, but we welcome you to contact us if you have any questions.  Your local field consultant will stay connected with you and please reach out to our customer support team should you need to.


Best wishes to your family and your team as we enter this new phase. Take care and stay safe.

From the CRV Team

March 25th 2020

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