Dairy Beef Genetics

CRV Ambreed’s Dairy Beef semen is ideal to increase the beef value proposition of any surplus calves in your herd.

A range of breeds are available for you to consider. Dairy Beef sires have been screened carefully for short gestation, calving ease and good growth rates, making them the ideal option for the dairy beef industry.

Dairy Beef Specialty Breeds


Focus Whitlock 75.

Breed by Focus Genetics, this young Angus sire has the benefits of short gestation length (-8.9EBV, breedplan April), calving ease and strong growth traits that will appeal to beef finishers. He is a registered Angus and this qualifies him for use of the Angus X Dairy tags, endorsed by Angus New Zealand.


Elk 41 Van de Plashoeve

Elk 41 has been selected from the Belgian Blue Groups Dairy Beef program for the bulls short gestation length and calving ease qualities. This Belgian blue also provides easily identifiable colour markings and the exceptional growth/ muscle development through the double muscling gene and fineness of bones, ultimately resulting in greater carcass yields.


Kakahu Gerry PP

Gerry was accepted into the Beef and Lamb NZ Dairy Beef progeny test in 2017 and proved why he is an outstanding choice as a dairy beef sire. Gerry was number 1 for days to weaning 100kg calves, at 90 days. A proven low birth weight and easy calving Charolais bull with well above average carcass traits. Traits dairy farmers, calf rearers and finishers look for, with the added bonus of being homozygous polled.


Fertabull Short Gestation Hereford FertaBull straws contain semen of three elite Hereford sires in each dose. This increases the length of time the semen is viable, giving you a greater chance of getting your cow in-calf. The three Hereford bulls have been carefully selected together with our partners Bluestone Herefords. They offer breed leading short gestation, calving ease and growth EBV’s. All three bulls are homozygous polled so no de-horning required.


Stabilizer® Dairy Beef sires have been selected to maximise the value of shorter gestation, calving ease and increased growth and yield in the finished product. Stabilizer® cross calves wean on average 4 days earlier and heavier. (B+LNZ Genetics dairy beef progeny test cohort 3) Yield more high value meat – 19% more scanned eye muscle (Massey New Generation Beef trial, Stabilizer® cross vs traditional cross breeds at 11 months).


Parkvale Mark

Mark is a deep bodied, well-muscled bull with an impressive eye muscle area of 124sqcm and above average growth EBV’s (Breedplan, June 2020). This young sire also has the added bonus of being homozygous polled and produces easily identifiable colour markings.

Other Breeds







Also Available

  • Blonde D’aquintane
  • Dexter
  • Limousin
  • Galloway
  • Red Devon
  • Shorthorn (white)
  • Wagyu



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