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What are we like to work with? Just ask our farmers – there’s one near you! “With CRV you’re a person, not just a herd number”.

CRV has learnt from half a century of dairy genetics that when you sit around the kitchen table with one of our Field Consultants to choose the best bulls for your cows, you’re more likely to achieve your farming goals.
So put the kettle on and give us a call. We’ll be right round to have a chat about how we can help build a herd you’ll be proud of.

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CRV Products and Services

It starts with you, tell us your goals, we offer a range of solutions to to meet your needs. Every person at CRV is committed to not only the quality of our products but also to ensure that our service meets your expectations. We’re proud to offer you a range of services: including herd testing, DNA profiling, AB technician service and herd recording.



Genetic Solutions

CRV has bred millions of dairy cattle over the past 50 years. With an eye to the future we continue to offer innovative genetic solutions. Remove the need for disbudding by using our polled sires or why not reduce your exposure to facial eczema with our FE tolerant sires. With CRV sexed semen you can increase the number of heifers generated through your yearly mating programme.




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