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What is an InSire, genomically selected bull?

InSires are bulls that do not have milking daughters yet, and are marketed on the merit of their pedigrees, in combination with the information we gather from genomic markers of a DNA sample. These bulls are typically higher genetic merit and lower reliability. We recommend that you purchase genomic InSires in a team (6 or more) or alongside your daughter-proven bulls.

Do I get better conception rates with fresh semen or frozen semen?

Conception rates of frozen or fresh conventional semen are quite similar when handled the correct manner. Frozen straws are filled with more sperm cells per a straw than fresh semen – meaning you will typically have the same number of active cells post-thawing. Utilising frozen straws, you have more control over what sires are used over what animals. This allows the opportunity to selectively mate your herd. Fresh conventional semen is beneficial for collecting more straws per one bull. Fresh semen typically needs to be used within 48 hours to ensure quality conception rates though.

Doesn’t CRV Ambreed only sell big Overseas Holstein genetics?

Within CRV’s global breeding programs, we have an array of genetics, but our focus is around NZ and Aus Grazing, USA/Dutch Holstein, USA Jerseys, and Fleckvieh . This allows CRV Ambreed the opportunity to source all the following for the New Zealand dairy farmer, dependent on the needs of the farm.

Is it more difficult to do business with CRV Ambreed?

No, we’re quite easy to deal with! If you know exactly what you want, feel free to ring our toll-free line or your local contact. If you’re not certain what you want, but are interested in finding out how to improve your herd and farming business, give your local sales consultant or RSSM’s a ring. They can help you find the solutions that will suit your herd’s needs. Payment is easy as with options to pay by: direct credit, direct debit, cash/cheque, credit card or dairy order deduction.

How can I contact CRV?

You can contact CRV through the following details:

Physical Address

TetraPak Building
2 Melody Lane
Innovation Park

Postal Address:
CRV Ambreed
NZ PO Box 176
Hamilton 3240

Freephone: 0800 262 733
E-mail: enquiries@crv4all.co.nz
Fax number: +64 7 859 3513

Is CRV just a genetics company?

CRV is offering more than just genetics. As a Herd Improvement company, CRV is offering genetics, information products and various equipment and services to support farmers in their herd management. CRV has many products to fit farmers’ needs. The full range of products can be viewed on this website or our latest Products and Services catalogue.

What does ‘CRV’ stand for?

CRV stand for ‘Herd Improvement Organisation’ – literally translated from ‘Cooperatieve Rundvee Verbetering’. The roots of the CRV Company are from Dutch and Flemish farmers with CRV’s head office located in the Netherlands and several other offices located across the globe.