CRV has always put in effort to help us achieve our goals

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Campbell and Susan have been farming for about 24 years and have been loyal customers of CRV Ambreed over that time.

When they were originally looking for a herd to purchase, Campbell says it was easy to see which ones were ‘Ambreed’ by type and conformation.

In the end, it was Don Shaw that convinced them to use Ambreed genetics – he was their neighbour and local Ambreed rep at the time.  They’ve consistently used CRV Ambreed genetics ever since.

“Don would tell us what bulls best suited our goals and 90% of the time we would go with his recommendation,” Campbell recalls.

He says in his experience working with the company, CRV’s reps have always been involved in their own farming businesses and they have always had a good handle on things in the industry.

“The effort they put into our own farming business and their customer service is really important to us.  Price becomes irrelevant,” he says.

The Thomas’s have always looked to breed a cow with good longevity and good conformation that’s “nice to milk”.

The environment, health and efficiency are also playing a more important part in their breeding decisions, and they’re looking at introducing LowN sires to their breeding programme.

“I want to create a sustainable farming business that can operate without my day-to-day involvement, that will set us up for the next 50 years,” says Campbell.

“CRV has always put in effort to help us achieve our goals.  We’ve had our challenges in the past; CRV’s always given us options.  They’ve always been understanding of our situation.”

Campbell and Susan’s story is part of a series of client and staff stories celebrating CRV Ambreed’s 50th year of proven performance in New Zealand.

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