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As part of CRV Ambreed’s celebration of 50 years of proven performance in New Zealand, we asked local farmers and breeders with a long-term association with CRV to share their stories.  Neville Rule – our former colleague who is still dairy farming today – talks about his history and memories working with CRV Ambreed, in his own words.

“I trained as DIY technician in 1972 as a young 21-year-old 50/50 sharemilker based near Cambridge. Two years later, I purchased a small Northland dairy farm.

In 1975, I joined the Ambreed team in as a sales rep, then later worked as a regional manager. Life-long friends have been nurtured over all those years. In fact, I recently attended the 80th birthday party for my good friend and former workmate, Tony Schluter. Yes, the clock is ticking on us all!

Me?  Well, I’m past retirement age and still actively dairy farming and using CRV Ambreed services and products because I love what I do and I like what CRV has to offer.

Today, we see dairy farming include a blend of milk harvesters, tractor drivers, work place managers, effluent managers and computers, all playing a major role in the farming mix. Animal management, reproduction, feeding and welfare, along with on-farm biosecurity all demand a lot of resources and well-skilled people.

Still, AB is the one thing that’s been consistent over the years – DIY is as relevant as it was in the 70s as it is today.

In my view, the modern cow is a true super star and CRV has been a key part of achieving that. Her ability to adapt to various levels of feeding and milking time variations is remarkable. However, she has a big work load and the basics still remain: she needs capacity, good legs and feet, a well attached udder, good teat placement, be quick to milk out with a good attitude and high solids.

CRV have contributed many sires over a long period of time that have delivered all those traits mentioned.

Like the last 50 years, the next decade will produce new challenges, including on-farm biosecurity, new animal welfare standards, accountability with nutrient and effluent usage. The industry will be looking to the likes of CRV Ambreed to provide the right genetic solutions to meet those challenges.

There is ample evidence that shows the billion dollars’ worth of effort everyone in the industry has put in to environmental issues show water quality is steadily improving.  In the future, I believe AB – CRV – will play an even more important role in supporting more efficient and sustainable dairy farming.

Congratulations to CRV Ambreed on the milestone of reaching 50 years of service and development. From the view point of an older farmer, we have grown to expect good service, a fair product, price and steady improvement in cow genetics and performance. Best wishes for the future.”

Kind Regards, Neville Rule

Neville’s story is part of a series of client and staff stories celebrating CRV Ambreed’s 50th year of proven performance in New Zealand. 

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