Accurate heat detection is critical to the success of artificial insemination.

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CRV Estrotect™ heat detectors are proven to be effective and now they’re an even better heat detection aid for dairy farmers.

They’ve long held a reputation amongst dairy farmers as the best heat detection product on the market, and to make heat detection even more accurate, a new ‘Breeding Patch’ has been introduced.

The indicator makes it clearer if the cow is on heat and ready to breed. Once half the patch has been rubbed, farmers can be confident that the cow is cycling and ready for insemination.

The new Breeding Patch development came about after input from CRV Ambreed field consultant Pauline Isaac. After talking with her clients, Pauline suggested an easier way for farm staff to know when a cow was ready to breed.

After three years product development and 20,000 cow tests, the final prototype was developed.

Data from independent research at the University of Missouri shows that once the patch is 50% rubbed off, the animal is ready to breed.

“This product is an example of MAI Animal Health understanding the practical needs of farmers, and a combination of precision design and robust scientific testing,” says Matt Macfie, Sales and Marketing Manager CRV Ambreed.

“The result is a smart product that we’re confident dairy farmers will love even more than the traditional Estrotect™.”

Waikato-based vet Bill Hancock manages the farm animal operations at Cambridge Vets and believes CRV Estrotect™ heat detectors provide an effective way to detect a cow on heat.

“The work stacks up and I already recommend these as the best on the market,” he says.

Estrotect™ continues to be the most popular breeding indicator globally.

CRV Ambreed has been a supplier of Estrotect™ since 2002. They are a rectangular patch that sticks onto the cow’s rump. With each mount, the surface will gradually turn from silver to a bright colour alerting the farmer she is ready for mating.

Estrotects™ are accurate, easy to use and remain in place for the whole mating season, whatever the weather.

Sample packs are available on request.

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