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Breeding is a highly valuable long term activity, offering the potential for cumulative and consistent gain, and improvements in areas that will surprise you.

Breeding is something that people who get involved get very passionate about. We think that comes from the sense of achievement in producing quality cows and in understanding the critical role they play in your farm business.

CRV Ambreed believes the cow needed in the future should be healthy, productive and efficient, live longer and be easy to get in calf.

We also understand we need to make your breeding decision to be easy. We’ve put together 4 steps to breeding the herd you’ll love to milk.




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By taking part in CRV Ambreed’s progeny test programme you can develop and enhance your herd using tomorrow’s elite genetics today.

New Zealand dairy farmers have been working with CRV Ambreed for over 30 years to develop generations of daughter proven sires.

The elite Holstein Friesian, Crossbred and Jersey bull calves selected for CRV Ambreed’s progeny test programme ultimately ensure dairy farmers’ herds are competitive and continue to be more productive and more profitable in the future.

CRV Ambreed invites you to be part of a select group of farmers who are helping develop the next generation of elite dairy sires.



Nominated genetics gives you unlimited choice from our best sires to meet your individual goals for your herd.

Choose from our daughter proven sires and genomically selected InSires tailored to suit a range of environments and farming systems.

Purchase at least four domestic or overseas sires as a package to ensure you achieve top value.


Mating decisions made easy. If you prefer CRV Ambreed making the sire selection for you, use our easiest ordering package available, and you only pay for the straws you use!


1.Choose the team you want to use

o   Friesian Cross          o   Friesian Cross A2A2

o   Cross Cross            o   Cross Cross A2A2

2.Order what you think you will need, only pay for what you use, using our BULLPAY option*


With CRV Select, you will know which sires you will receive and how many doses of those sires you will be using before the mating season starts. It is the most simple, cost-effective way to achieve genetic gain in your herd.

CRV Select lets you choose eight or more sires (Friesian, Crossbred, Jersey or a combination of) from a team selected by CRV Ambreed for their complimentary traits.

Choose the sires yourself or your local sales consultant can tailor a team to your herd improvement goals.


Do you wish to achieve greater production, achieve greater genetic diversity, or do you want to breed healthier cows with less mastitis and lees lameness? Our global experience combined with our local knowledge of grazing systems, will help you select the right overseas genetics to support your herd goals.

CRV Ambreed has the following breeds available in it’s global products portfolio:

• Holstein Friesian: USA, Europe
• Jersey: USA, Australia
• MRI: Netherlands
• Montebeliard & Fleckvieh: Czech Republic & Germany



CRV Ambreed has a range of Dairy Beef and Beef to Beef options available to suit your farm needs.
CRV Ambreed’s DairyBeef semen is ideal to use across the tail-end of your mating season, or if you want to on-sell calves to the beef