Crossbreds show strength

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This year’s crossbred portfolio is the best CRV Ambreed has ever had with some exciting new graduates to add to the team, including DONINGTON F13J2, Lynbrook Olm KEIRAN-ET J11F3, Clarks MARSHALL F8J8 and Mcbrides ZEN F9J7.

DONINGTON F13J2 will be popular for dairy farmers in the crossbreed market to add some size and robustness to the herd.  He is an A2A2 sire and offers a great protein to liveweight ratio. His daughters are fertile, well-mannered and therefore last longer. As an F13-sire he can be used by Friesian farmers to bring down the size and still be left with a Friesian (F14) cow .



Bred by Steve and Nina Ireland who have contributed a number of high quality sires to the dairy industry, Lynbrook Olm KEIRAN-ET J11F3 is a high dual indexing A2A2 bull.  He comes from super bull Okura Lika MURMUR S3J and offers very good fertility, exceptional efficiency, and positive udder overall, body condition score, capacity and conformation traits .


Lynbrook Olm KEIRAN-ET J11F3

Clarks MARSHALL F8J8 is another top dual indexing A2A2 sire.  Marshall has a very good protein to liveweight ratio so you get more with less. His daughters have great longevity, good somatic cell scores and good udders. He is a great option for maiden heifers this season .

One of our favourite new Crossbred graduates is ZEN F9J7, our highest Crossbred graduate this year that ranks in the top five nationally. With a superb protein to liveweight ratio, he rates among the highest efficiency sires in the country. His daughters are short statured with very good udders and thanks to his high body condition score they are robust. His high fertility, low cell count and sky high longevity make him a great health bull too. On top of all this, his daughters are more resistant to facial eczema .

Zen more white brush on tail-03 (Medium)

ZEN F9J7 (daughter also pictured above)

The InSire Team

The proven team is complimented by some tremendous new InSires, including favourites BOOMA F12J4, Perivale WARO F10J6 and Lunbrook LT VIKING J10F6.

Booma is a Friesian cross that will be a choice for maiden Friesian heifers.  He offers superior protein, excellent fertility and great body condition score traits .

Viking tops the New Zealand Merit Index in the Crossbred InSires. His daughters will be capacious with superior udders and high production .

Waro is a high dual indexing InSire with exceptional fertility, top body condition score and great protein to liveweight ratio.

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