Dairy industry’s next superstars selected

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17 bulls have hit the big time and are set to become house-hold names.

After a rigorous four-year process, these young superstars graduated this year as CRV Ambreed proven sires, which means they are considered to have the highest genetic merit.

CRV Ambreed’s proven sires feature in the herd improvement company’s annual catalogue, which thousands of dairy farmers peruse each year to select the right genetics to meet their herd improvement goals.

Global product manager Peter van Elzakker said they are sought after by dairy farmers in New Zealand and overseas, and their production and performance traits make them an essential part of the success of New Zealand’s dairy industry.

“The genetic merit of these elite sires will ultimately ensure dairy farmers’ herds will be easy to manage and efficient,” said van Elzakker.

The selection process starts each year when CRV Ambreed’s sire analysts travel around the country to find New Zealand’s very best cows that will produce the next ‘super bull’.

Farm visits in 2011 led to the new graduates being 17 of roughly 1,600 bull calves nominated that year for consideration into CRV Ambreed’s progeny test programme.

“Our breeding team also use their specialist knowledge of cows and their families to assess the potential of each bull calf. We ended up selecting 150 bull calves to be part of CRV Ambreed’s progeny test programme that year,” van Elzakker added.

Each of the 150 progeny test bulls’ semen was distributed to a number of contracted progeny test herds around New Zealand. Their daughters were herd tested to measure their milk production and type, and they were evaluated for their suitability in different farming systems and environments.

The very best 17 bulls have now graduated. They are considered the absolute cream of the crop in the industry.

Van Elzakker said the new graduates add to CRV Ambreed’s already strong genetic offering for dairy farmers this year.

“In the Friesian line-up we have a good balance of bulls fitting into all farming systems, from high efficiency bulls who will do a great job in the lower output category, to high production bulls that will fit into higher input systems,” he said.

“Our Jerseys stand-out with an exceptional line up of bulls that will produce a good size cow with exceptional protein and production, great conformation and superb udder traits.”

CRV Ambreed’s crossbreds are better than ever and offer efficiency, fertility and a breed make-up to suit all farmers’ needs.

CRV Ambreed’s latest crop of superstars are now enjoying a first-class, A-list lifestyle at CRV Ambreed’s production and logistics centre.

If they turn out to be the next Firenze, one of CRV Ambreed’s legacy bulls, they could each produce more than half a million doses of semen for domestic and international sale, have tens of thousands of daughters, and have a long list of sons enrolled on the animal evaluation database for herd improvement in New Zealand.

CRV Ambreed’s new proven sires:

Ambzed Powells FULTON S2F

Fulton will breed small statured cows with great capacity high NZMI and high overall BW. He excels in efficiency due to a great protein to liveweight ratio.


GLOWING’s standout traits are protein, fertility, calving ease, capacity, longevity and improved FE-tolerance.

Royson Justice PHONIC S2F

PHONIC has great calving ease and fertility, and breeds daughters with beautiful udders and conformation.  A great all-rounder with high NZMI and good BW, he produces medium sized cows that will fit into a low or high production system.


REPLICA has efficient daughters which are black, short and well uddered, with great longevity. Replica can be used in most crossbred herds.

Busy Brook ME REPO-ET S3F

REPO’s daughters will have strong, desirable udders good protein and medium liveweight.


RIVINGTON will produce daughters that pump out milk, having the highest protein score in the industry of 50kg BV. He offers high NZMI and will fit well into farm systems 3-5.

Summerhays WJ SKYLARK S2F

SKYLARK will produce capacious daughters with good udders, great conformation and FE tolerance.

Ambzed Greenhalgh WYLD

WYLD will produce small to medium sized cows, with good udders and an efficient protein to liveweight ratio.  He is also one of CRV Ambreed’s A2A2 sires.


HIGHLITE is a standout sire for efficiency, production and longevity, and he’s only going to get better. He offers traits for super low somatic cells and exceptional body condition score.  He daughters are capacious and with udders overall.

Roma Murmur KINGPIN S3J

KINGPIN will be a very popular choice for Jersey and Crossbred farmers this year for efficiency and production. He will produce good sized, well-mannered, robust daughters with plenty of milk and low somatic cell.

Kaitaka Murmur LAZARUS ET

LAZARUS ticks all the boxes with fantastic body and udder traits.  He is a production specialist with 14kg of protein and a fat BV of 25kg.

Paterangi Murmur INGOT ET

INGOT is a high dual indexing, efficient bull with super production, having a high protein BV of 14 and milk litres BV of 46.  His daughters are capacious with very good somatic cells and positive body condition score.

Lynbrook Olm KEIRAN-ET J11F3

KEIRAN is a high dual indexing A2A2 bull.  He offers very good fertility, exceptional efficiency, and positive udder overall, body condition score, capacity and conformation traits.


MARSHALL is a top dual indexing A2A2 bull.  His daughters have great longevity, good somatic cell scores and good udders. With a BV of -0.1 he is a great option for maiden heifers this season.

Mcbrides ZEN F9J7

ZEN is our highest Crossbred graduate this year and ranks in the top five nationally. He rates among the highest efficiency sires. His daughters are short statured with very good udders and are robust, with tolerance to FE.


DONINGTON will be popular for dairy farmers in the crossbreed market to add some size and robustness.  Donington is an A2A2 sire offering a great protein to liveweight ratio.

Ngarangi Brody NEVADA

NEVADA offers efficient production with a good protein to liveweight ratio. He will produce daughters that are extremely well liked by farmers with improved udders.

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