Latest bull graduates provide genetic solutions for a future proof herd

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CRV Ambreed’s 2020 line up of bull graduates will provide New Zealand dairy farmers with genetic solutions to future proof their business.

CRV’s breeding programme manager Aaron Parker says while health and efficiency traits are still a key consideration, dairy farmers are looking at more than just production capability and cow temperament when it comes to herd improvement. “An increasing number of farmers are looking for genetic solutions to meet the current and future demands they face around the environment, herd efficiency and animal welfare.  “Looking at the latest offering from CRV, there are several stand out sires which will capture the attention of dairy farmers.”

The NZAEL RAS list is a list of top ranking New Zealand proven dairy sires. Individual breeding companies nominate their highest quality sires, and the bulls are then ranked according to their Breeding Worth.


Number one across all breeds is CRV Ambreed’s Puketawa King Connacht JG, son of Roma Murmur Kingpin. Connacht is A2A2 and a joint venture sire with Jersey New Zealand. Bred by J&C McBride from Taranaki, he is a key member of the LowN Sires team and offers excellence on CRV’s Better Life Health and Better Life Efficiency index.

Number four for the country across all breeds is CRV Ambreed’s new graduate sire Glen Leith AND Quiz S2J, son of one of our legends, Degree ET. Quiz is A2A2 and is bred by BJ & M Sim from Taranaki. This new graduate will also become a key member of the LowN Sires team. He rates highly on the Better Life Efficiency Index, with big production from robust daughters.

Other CRV Sires in the top 15 group include Lockhart Terrific Coastal, Puketawa King Carrick JG and old favourite, Superstition.

Graduate sire Ambzed Grand Lennan S1F makes it to the top in the Friesian group. A2A2 Lennan is son of Bagworth PF Grandeur S1F. He is also a member of the Facial Eczema team. Bred by NA & WJ McLennan on the West Coast, he rates highly on the Better Life Efficiency Index with big fat, low cell counts and tremendous longevity.

Graduate Arrietas Teanau ET J9F7 makes it to the top Crossbred group. Bred by JK & TE Bailey from Waikato, he is son of San Ray FM Beamer-ET S2F. Teanau is a key addition to the LowN Sires team. He is CRV’s highest rated bull for BL Efficiency and with high longevity and great fertility his daughters will be enjoyed for a long time.


CRV national sales and marketing manager Jon Lee says new to CRV’s portfolio this year is a broader Automate Team option for farmers wanting to order bull teams across all breeds that are high indexing and A2/A2.

“This team has been created for farmers whose core focus is on BW. This product is the easiest way for farmers to access our highest BW indexing bulls, with the added benefits of superb overall farmer opinion, calving ease and great udders. “The bonus is that we offer a system where farmers can order plenty of straws to ensure they don’t run short, but only pay for what they use. So, it offers great value for money and convenience.”

This season, CRV’s product development manager Oceania Peter van Elzakker says CRV has also broadened its portfolio of dairy beef products.

“In response to growing interest in dairy beef, we have introduced the Stabilizer® product from Focus Genetics. This option is for farmers looking for easy calving, good marking and growth.

“Thanks to our partnership with Belgium Blue Group (BBG) from Europe, we can offer Belgian Blue options for short gestation, Calving Ease and growth. These bulls have been tested on dairy cows.”

CRV’s unique Fertabull short gestation Hereford product this year is 100% Polled.

“Hereford is the most popular breed for dairy beef because of the animals’ white faces and clear markings. Fertabull remains an ideal product for farmers wanting high fertility tail end mating with short gestation, easy calving beef bulls.

“We made a long-term commitment to breed sires that would produce healthy and efficient daughters. It’s really exciting to see that focus realised – our efforts have truly paid off and dairy farmers will ultimately reap the benefits by having better genetics to breed better cows.”


For more information, you can view CRV’s 2020 Herd Solutions Catalogue or listen to CRV’s Better Herd podcast here.


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