Superstar bull lets sons take over business


Six years’ worth of exceptional dairy progeny will remain the legacy of top CRV Ambreed jersey bull Okura Lika Murmur as he retires this month and leaves his sons to pave the way in the dairy industry.

While saddened to say goodbye to Murmur, CRV Ambreed’s breeding programme manager Aaron Parker says he has made an outstanding contribution to the progression of the national dairy herd.

That comes in the form of nearly half a million doses of semen produced, 22,464 daughters herd testing in New Zealand, and a long list of sons that are legends in their own right.

He has also been credited with expanding CRV Ambreed’s exporting market with his genetics particularly popular in South Africa, North America and Australia.

“He’s bred outstanding sons and daughters with super production, udder and capacity traits,” said Parker.

“Hundreds of his cows have been contract mated in New Zealand and as a sire of sons he has produced some of country’s best jersey bulls.”

This season six Murmur sons were released to market as ‘daughter proven sires’ and are among New Zealand’s highest ranking bulls.  These sons include standouts Roma Murmur Kingpin, Kaitaka Murmur Lazarus and Ashvale OLM Highlite.

“Kingpin is CRV Ambreed’s highest selling jersey sire this season. He is an absolute superstar in production because he is Murmur’s son.”

Other sons and grandsons are coming through CRV Ambreed’s breeding programme, including up and coming star bull and Kingpin’s son, Puketawa King Connacht JG.

“Connacht is an elite young sire that we selected to be part of our jersey team this year based on his parental information and scientific data. With his daughters coming into milk this season, we expect to see big things from him,” Parker added.

Murmur was purchased by CRV Ambreed in 2005 from breeders Luke and Lyna Beehre of the Okura Stud, North of Whangarei.

The Okura Stud has contributed immensely to New Zealand’s dairy industry over the years by breeding some of the best bulls the industry has ever seen, including Okura Manhatten who was a game changer for the industry.

Parker says after Manhatten, Murmur is the next most influential Jersey sire to have been bred in New Zealand.

“Manhatten sold more semen and bred exceptional quality cows, but Murmur has created great sons and will create a greater impact as a sire of sons.

“I suspect we will be hearing Murmur’s name in the dairy industry for many years to come.  He proudly sits on CRV Ambreed’s hall of fame and I’m sure we will see plenty of his sons and grandsons join him there in the future.”

Murmur Oakura Lika (Medium)

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