myHERD integrates with your NAIT records

myHERD with FarmIQ is fully integrated with NAIT when you have completed the onboarding process correctly.

Two essential steps need to be actioned to achieve this.

  1. You need to confirm on myHERD that FarmIQ is your Information Provider.
  2. You need to update your NAIT account to reflect that FarmIQ is your Information Provider.

Once this is done, when you use myHERD all of your NAIT movements are handled through FarmIQ. myHERD will automatically send your farm transactions to NAIT.

When is NAIT notified?

Once you have set myHERD to automatically send your farm transactions to NAIT, NAIT is notified whenever you:

Tagging responsibilities

All animals need to be NAIT tagged and registered within 180 days or before their first off-farm movement, whichever comes first. It is an offence to move untagged and unregistered animals off your property.

Ensure a tag is fitted on your animals at all times and correctly using a NAIT approved tag issued to your location.

Always tag the animal first and then register the animal in your NAIT account via myHERD.

Never remove a NAIT tag without contacting OSPRI first. If you make a mistake and tag animals with the wrong tags you should contact OSPRI at 0800 482 463 in the first instance. Calves going direct to slaughter (booby calves) are not required to be tagged with an EID, under 30 days old.

Moving Day Checklist

When you move your herd or change your job you need to update NAIT and TB free information before and after you move.

Read more about your moving day responsibilities

New legislation around the use of NAIT tags was introduced in December 2021. PICAs (persons in charge of animals) will only be able to use NAIT tags at the specific NAIT location number they were issued for. PICAs should avoid stockpiling tags if they intend to move farms in the future. Read more

Person in Charge of Animals (PICA) responsibilities

As the Person in Charge of Animals (PICA) you are responsible for making sure all movements of NAIT animals to and from your registered NAIT location are recorded in NAIT within 48 hours of the movement.

Both the PICA sending the animals and the PICA receiving animals on farm need to record and confirm the animal movement in NAIT. The sending PICA is responsible for recording a sending movement and the receiving PICA is responsible for recording a receiving movement.

For information on your responsibilities as a Person In Charge of Animals (PICA), head to the OSPRI website

Linking Tags To Your Herd Recording  Software

  • Non CRV Herd Recording Users

EID files need to be imported to your herd recording software.

Request the EID Tag File to be emailed to you, or upload from your tag supplier.

Follow the instructions of your Herd Recording provider to upload the file.

  • Linking Unlinked tags,

Also known as Replacement EID tags Unlinked EID tags must be linked to the animal ID at the time of application.