Mycoplasma Bovis – Biosecurity at CRV Ambreed

MANAGEMENT OF M.BOVIS AT CRV: CRV Ambreed has a strong strategic focus on biosecurity, built up over many years, and as the second largest producer of AI semen in New Zealand we are confident our biosecurity protocols and procedures will effectively mitigate the known risks associated with the current M.Bovis... read more ›

CRV Ambreed to launch online calculator for farmers to assess cows’urinary Nitrogen output

category Other
CRV Ambreed has designed an assessment tool for its clients to calculate how much nitrogen their cows are excreting in urine. It’s an online assessment tool into which the farmer inputs their own data, including the Milk Urea concentration (MU) value on their daily bulk milk reports, to calculate the... read more ›

Environmentally friendly bulls welcomed

Four new ‘environmentally friendly’ bulls have been included as part of CRV Ambreed’s latest team of proven sires. New graduates Ambzed Powells CORTEX S2F, Tralee Shadow DART-ET S2F, Glen Leith Degree OMNIBUS, and Calrenah And WATCHMAN ET are four of 28 bulls in the CRV Ambreed LowN Sires team for... read more ›

Johan’s unusual job

Johan Fourie always gets a kick telling people he works in the “sex industry”, particularly unsuspecting townies. His official role is the production farm manager for CRV Ambreed at Bellevue Farm in the Waikato. The 26-year-old South African is responsible for the semen harvesting, animal health care and well-being and... read more ›

Dairy’s gold medal genetic performers take the stage

category Genetics, Products
Eighteen new graduate bulls have been awarded gold medal status as part of CRV Ambreed’s latest team of proven sires. The bulls and their breeders have been through a rigorous, four-year selection process, which identifies those sires with the highest genetic merit. CRV Ambreed’s proven sires feature in the herd... read more ›