The hunt’s on for the country’s best bull calves

category Business news
CRV Ambreed is on the market for New Zealand’s very best bull calves that will produce the next generation of high performing dairy cows.    With calving now underway, CRV Ambreed Breeding Manager Aaron Parker says it’s time for farmers to get in touch with the herd improvement company if... read more ›

Research delivers promising result around partitioning of dietary nitrogen

category Genetics
CRV Ambreed’s genetic research into reducing nitrogen leaching on New Zealand dairy farms has identified that when cows are bred for low milk urea concentration, a proportion of the nitrogen diverted away from the cow’s urea goes into milk protein. This finding gives CRV Ambreed further confidence that breeding cows... read more ›

Farmers able to access Milk Urea Nitrogen breeding values through CRV Ambreed

category Genetics, Services
Dairy farmers herd testing and herd recording with CRV Ambreed will soon receive their Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN) breeding values. CRV Ambreed Managing Director Angus Haslett says the additional information will be welcomed by farmers wanting to use LowN Sires™, CRV’s low-MUN bulls. The dairy herd improvement company made a... read more ›

CRV Ambreed announces a new collaboration for BVD and Johne’s Disease

category Other
CRV Ambreed has appointed a new laboratory to enable New Zealand dairy farmers to gain access to further information about BVD and Johne’s Disease from their herd testing.   The herd improvement company has announced an exclusive arrangement with Disease Research Ltd, part of the University of Otago. From June... read more ›

Lex and Triplestar – two Jersey bulls at the top of their game for CRV Ambreed

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They are big, strong and handsome and they’re not only winning accolades, but fans across the country.   CRV Ambreed Jersey bulls Crescent Olm Lex (Lex) and Braedene PAS Triplestar (Triplestar) both feature in the top three of DairyNZ’s Ranking of Active Sires (RAS) list following the May 2017 Animal... read more ›