Behind the bull fence with Johan Fourie

Production Farm Manager at the CRV Bellevue Production and Logistics Centre It’s not an area people often see.  In fact, it’s a quarantined area with strict biosecurity procedures in place, so it’s completely closed off to visitors.  Yet, the bull farm, animal barns and semen collection facilities are often seen... read more ›

Farming is my life, I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had; Bruce Hills

Former farmer and pedigree Holstein Friesian breeder, retired CRV Ambreed field consultant, and AB technician Bruce Hills has been part of CRV Ambreed for more than 40 of its 50 years in business.  It was a emotional day when Bruce, a pedigree Holstein Friesian breeder, finally sold his beloved dairy... read more ›

It was a real honour working with all of my clients. They all went out of their way to welcome me to their farm; Neil Gamble

Many people have been part of CRV Ambreed’s 50 years in business.  One thing amongst staff has remained consistent over time – the knowledge and dedication and passion that CRV Ambreed’s team bring to their customers on-farm. Neil Gamble says his field consultant role with CRV Ambreed was the only... read more ›

My long association with CRV Ambreed began in 1976; Ray Lawerence

It would be easy to say that in 50 years that CRV Ambreed has been in business, no one has been more passionate about breeding better dairy cows than Taranaki’s Ray Lawrence. After more than forty years working with local dairy farmers to breed healthier and more efficient herds, Ray... read more ›

New DNA Testing Service Supports Herd Management

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DNA parentage testing has become more accessible to dairy farmers with the launch of CRV Ambreed’s revitalised DNA parentage testing service this month. The Gene Mapping service uses progressive technology to identify the ancestry of individual stock. DNA samples are collected by taking a small piece of tissue from the... read more ›