CRV Ambreed genomic evaluation systems explained

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gNZMI, gBW are quoted for  bulls whose breeding values are calculated using CRV Ambreed genomic evaluation system (MSAM) combining parentage, progeny, genomic and Interbull information. gNZMI uses the same weightings for the traits that are used for NZMI. gBW uses the same Economic Values for traits as BW. Based on... read more ›

WATCH: Thank you farmers

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CRV farmers don’t stand still! They work worldwide to provide for their communities during COVID-19. All over the world farmers continue to provide food for their local, national and international communities during Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). We are proud of their efforts, and on behalf of CRV we wish you... read more ›

As dairy farmers plan ahead and select bulls for mating, it is business as usual, with a difference.

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Despite being in self-isolation, it’s a crucial time of year for our dairy farmers as they plan ahead and start selecting bulls for their Autumn or Spring mating programmes. For CRV Ambreed this means it is business as usual, with a difference. The company is finding new ways to communicate... read more ›

Regional Field Days visitors get a taste of myHERD

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Farmers at this year’s Southern and Northland regional field days have the opportunity to learn more about CRV Ambreed’s new herd recording and management tool, myHERD. From June this year farmers will be able to subscribe to myHERD. CRV Ambreed Information and IT Manager Andrew Singers says the new tool... read more ›

Better Herd Podcast Series

Join us with host Sheryl Haitana from the NZ Dairy Exporter as we get excited about all things herd improvement! Listen and learn about the latest developments and practical tips for improving the health and efficiency of your herd. Subscribe for FREE and get access to the knowledge and opinions... read more ›