Coromandel dairy farmers lead the way through new genetics

In 1995 Andrew and Maree Palmer saw the value of being part of CRV Ambreed’s progeny testing programme so jumped on board and haven’t looked back. Andrew and Maree have had a hand in developing many generations of daughter proven sires. Today, they’re still part of the herd improvement company’s... read more ›

Accurate heat detection is critical to the success of artificial insemination.

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CRV Estrotect™ heat detectors are proven to be effective and now they’re an even better heat detection aid for dairy farmers. They’ve long held a reputation amongst dairy farmers as the best heat detection product on the market, and to make heat detection even more accurate, a new ‘Breeding Patch’... read more ›

CRV Ambreed consultant selected for Waikato-Bay of Plenty Magic

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CRV Ambreed’s Jenna O’Sullivan has proven she can work magic both on-farm and on a netball court, with the announcement that she has been selected for the Waikato-Bay of Plenty Magic squad for 2019. Jenna is the field consultant for Matamata, Okoroire and Cambridge, supporting dairy farmers to breed healthier... read more ›

Well-known local dairy breeding expert retires

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At 70-odd years young, Neil Gamble says his field consultant role with CRV Ambreed is the only real job he’s ever had. He has loved his job, especially 20 years of helping local dairy farmers increase the value of their herds, now retirement has come and he’s imparting his breeding... read more ›

Mating Management options this season

Under the current state of heightened biosecurity in New Zealand, some farmers are looking at changing mating management this season. Whether you are thinking of combining artificial breeding (AB) and natural mating bulls, extending the AB period to reduce the number of bulls needed, re-starting AB in the last few... read more ›