How do we select a top sire?

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Ever wondered how CRV Ambreed selects a top sire? Here’s a quick snapshot of how it works: CRV Ambreed’s sire analysts travel around the country to find the very best cows that will produce the next ‘super bull’ About 1,500 bull calves are nominated each year for consideration into CRV... read more ›

Sheep farmers show the lead to dairy farmers on a genetic solution to FE

The facial eczema (FE) outbreak this season is a wake-up call. Many farming in ‘safe’ areas have had a rude shock; even if they did implement prevention systems after FE became evident, they will have been too late as these systems must be in place before a facial eczema challenge.... read more ›

New five star production and logistics centre fully operational

CRV Ambreed’s move to a new state of the art, purpose-built production, distribution and logistics centre has marked an exciting new era for the company. CRV Ambreed’s entire operation is now located at the CRV Bellevue Production and Logistics Centre, located on the outskirts of Cambridge. The CRV Bellevue Production... read more ›

CRV Ambreed genomic evaluation systems explained

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gNZMI, gBW are quoted for  bulls whose breeding values are calculated using CRV Ambreed genomic evaluation systems combining parentage, progeny, genomic and Interbull information. gNZMI uses the same weightings for the traits that are used for NZMI. gBW uses the same Economic Values for traits as BW. Based on the... read more ›

CRV Ambreed offers genetic solution to increase FE tolerance in dairy cattle

New Zealand dairy farmers must act now and use the right targeted genetics to breed cattle that are more resilient to facial eczema. That’s the message from CRV Ambreed’s research and development manager Phil Beatson who believes the dairy industry could learn a great deal from the sheep industry to... read more ›