CRV Ambreed Business Continuity Update – COVID-19

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To all valued CRV Ambreed farmers, CRV continues to follow the guidance of the New Zealand government on how to best keep our staff and our farmers safe, and to continue to provide services to you. We have moved quickly to successfully have a large proportion of our staff work... read more ›

Better Herd Podcast – Episode 1: Let’s talk animal evaluation

Better Herd Podcast Episode 1: Let’s talk animal evaluation Sheryl Haitana talks to CRV’s Jon Lee and NZAEL’s Brian Wickham about the new genetic evaluation system for dairy cattle and what the changes mean for farmers. “For more information, check out Sheryl Haitana’s article in the latest issue... read more ›

CRV takes actions to prevent spreading of the COVID-19 

In light of the Covid-19 situation, CRV has implemented several measures. Aligned with NZ official information our field staff will continue servicing our clients. All CRV staff will minimize personal contact and take hygiene measures into account including: Wash hands with soap regularly Cough and sneeze on the inside of the elbow... read more ›

Improved animal evaluation enables better dairy breeding decisions

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More accurate genetic evaluations, drawing on ten years of New Zealand and international research, will be available to dairy farmers from February. New Zealand Animal Evaluation Limited (NZAEL) Manager Dr Brian Wickham says dairy farmers are set to benefit from an enhanced genetic evaluations system that underpins the national breeding... read more ›

DNA birth tagging and testing provides certainty for Southland farmers

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DNA birth tagging and testing all their replacement heifers is providing David and Joanna Diprose with certainty of parentage even when they’re not hands-on farm. David and Joanna own a 305-hectare 800 cow farm in Ermedale and a 79-hectare 250 cow operation in Wyndham. One property is run by... read more ›