Dairy farmers encouraged to breed mastitis out of their herds

CRV is encouraging dairy farmers to carefully consider the bulls they select for mating this season to help them address ongoing herd health issues like mastitis and reduce the need for antibiotics. Udder health was the topic of conversation for CRV’s recent podcast featuring DairyNZ Senior Scientist Dr Jane Lacy-Hulbert... read more ›

Proud to partner in environmental awards

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CRV Managing Director James Smallwood was honoured to be part of the National Sustainability Showcase at Te Papa in Wellington on Thursday evening – this time as an industry partner, not an entrant! The event is part of the Ballance Farm Environment Awards and is run by the New Zealand... read more ›

Cow performance driving sire selection

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South Island Field Days runs this week. CRV has noticed South Island dairy farmers’ attitudes towards breeding are rapidly changing, with cow performance data driving sire selection in an effort to maximise the value of herd progeny. CRV South Island Sales Manager Perry Davis says it’s no longer a case... read more ›

Sexed semen ticks the boxes for Canterbury farmer

Ian Hopping’s herd fertility is a top priority, so investing in sexed semen for the first time last Spring was a decision he did not make lightly. With an unexpectedly high conception rate, he is thrilled with his return on investment, demonstrating how sexed semen benefits herds. Now living at... read more ›

Better Herd Podcast – Reducing our carbon footprint

DairyNZ and AgResearch have jointly released findings from a study that shows New Zealand dairy farmers have the world’s lowest on-farm carbon footprint. In fact, their emissions are half of other international milk producers. Commissioned by DairyNZ, the study was independently produced by AgResearch and peer-reviewed by an international specialist... read more ›