Better Herd Podcast – Increasing Fertility in Dairy Cows

INCREASING FERTILITY IN DAIRY COWS BY DECREASING PREGNANCY LOSS University research has shown that the stronger the intensity of a cow’s estrous (heat), the better chance she has of holding her pregnancy.In this Better Herd podcast we discuss how these findings could help New Zealand dairy farmers improve the fertility... read more ›

Mother-daughter team work as AB Technicians for CRV

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AB Technicians Tash Meredith and her daughter Sophie are passionate about helping farmers breed healthy, happy cows. Tash started as an AB technician more than 14 years ago and has been with CRV Ambreed for the last seven. This season, she has enjoyed the company of her 20-year-old daughter Sophie... read more ›
Herd Testing CRV

Stress free herd testing for first time sharemilkers

category Farmer Stories
Golden Bay farmer Phil Smith has been dairy farming for 19 years and has always dreaded herd testing. “I would wake up in the morning and genuinely think about calling our provider to cancel it,” says Phil. That was until he switched to CRV Ambreed this season and discovered that... read more ›

Dutch farmers see jump in lifetime production records

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The average lifetime production realised by cows in The Netherlands has increased by almost 2500 kg of milk and 200 kg of fat and protein to 34,000 kg of milk. The lifetime production of Dutch dairy cows has never been so high as seen in the 2019-2020 financial year. This... read more ›
Signs dairy cows are on heat

Heat Detection Strategy

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Sourced from DairyNZ. InCalf research shows it is likely that heat detection errors are limiting reproductive performance in around one-quarter of seasonal calving herds. Two mistakes that are commonly made by many farmers when detecting heat are missing heats and inventing heats. It sounds unusual to invent heats, but it’s... read more ›