Heat Detection critical to success

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Accurate heat detection is critical to the success of artificial insemination (AI). CRV Estrotect™ Heat Detectors provide the most accurate way to detect a cow on heat. Introducing the improved Estrotect Breeding Patch, which makes it even clearer if the cow is on heat and ready to breed. Estrotect, supplied... read more ›

Peninsula Farm is paradise

At the back of Raglan harbour on the West Coast peninsula lies one of the country’s most influential farming operations. The aptly named “Peninsula Farm” is where herd improvement company CRV Ambreed grazes its young Friesian, jersey and crossbred bulls that wait to find out if they’re the dairy industry’s... read more ›

Understand the A2/A2 status of your herd

CRV Ambreed and Analytica has the ability to analyse individual cows Herd Test milk samples for beta-casein types. This test provides a percentage indicator as to how much A1 and A2 type beta-casein. A bulk milk sample beta-casein test is also available. The alternative is to use DNA from tissue... read more ›

Mycoplasma Bovis – Biosecurity at CRV Ambreed

MANAGEMENT OF M.BOVIS AT CRV: CRV Ambreed has a strong strategic focus on biosecurity, built up over many years, and as the second largest producer of AI semen in New Zealand we are confident our biosecurity protocols and procedures will effectively mitigate the known risks associated with the current M.Bovis... read more ›

CRV Ambreed to launch online calculator for farmers to assess cows’ urinary Nitrogen output

CRV Ambreed has designed an assessment tool for its clients to calculate how much nitrogen their cows are excreting in urine. It’s an online assessment tool into which the farmer inputs their own data, including the Milk Urea concentration (MU) value on their daily bulk milk reports, to calculate the... read more ›