The hunt’s on for the country’s best bull calves

category Genetics
CRV Ambreed is on the hunt for New Zealand’s very best bull calves that will produce the next generation of high performing dairy cows. With calving now underway, CRV Ambreed’s Breeding Manager Aaron Parker says it’s time for farmers to get in touch with CRV Ambreed if they have... read more ›

Weighing up your heat detection options

category Products
There are a number of tools and technologies now available to help dairy farmers optimize heat detection. Boyd Dingus, general manager for ESTROTECT, says deciding which combination of heat detection aids to use is a matter of weighing up each tool’s effectiveness, its cost versus benefit, and ease of use.... read more ›

Science thrives in the Waikato as Kudos Awards names finalists for 2019

CRV Ambreed is delighted to have LowN Sires selected as a finalist in the 2019 Kudos Awards, in the Kudo Science Trust Food & Ags award section. This year’s Kudos Awards finalists continue to prove that science thrives in Hamilton and the Waikato. Eighteen finalists have been named in the... read more ›

3 reasons you shouldn’t settle for tail paint

category Products
Sponsored content created and provided by Boyd Dingus, general manager for ESTROTECT You might be using tail paint in your breeding program for several reasons. “It’s cheap.” “It’s what I’ve always done” Or maybe, “It’s what my A.I. company prefers.” Sure, tail paint is better than doing nothing, but that... read more ›

My CRV Journey

As part of CRV Ambreed’s celebration of 50 years of proven performance in New Zealand, we asked local farmers and breeders with a long-term association with CRV to share their stories.  Neville Rule – our former colleague who is still dairy farming today – talks about his history and memories... read more ›