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Dairy farmers on the hunt for golden straws

Dairy farmers will be on the hunt this season for five golden straws hidden by CRV Ambreed inside artificial insemination (AI) units.

While children’s book character Willy Wonka provided some inspiration for the competition, the five farmers who strike gold will win $2000 each – not a lifetime supply of chocolate.

It has been announced this week at Fieldays that CRV Ambreed will insert five golden straws into five AI units – three in the North Island and two in the South Island as distribution of semen straws begins next month ahead of Spring mating.

CRV Ambre…

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CRV announces its best bull team yet

Over the past five decades CRV Ambreed has worked with thousands of farmers to breed the type of cow they are proud to have in their herd, and that suit New Zealand’s unique farming systems.

CRV’s breeding programme manager, Aaron Parker, has been with the company for more than 20 years and says this year’s graduates and the 2019 bull team overall have surpassed the CRV’s expectations.

“Our selection process is extremely rigorous.  Each year we usually choose the best 10 to 12 bulls from a pool of about 120 bulls that have come to the end of the four-year breedin…

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Dairy farming in New Zealand continues to have family at its heart

Over the past 50 years CRV Ambreed staff have had the pleasure of seeing generation after generation take over the family business and continue breeding the best cows for the livelihood of their families.  We interviewed Don Shaw, third generation farm owner and former staff member of CRV Ambreed, who now shares his passion and knowledge of breeding the ‘CRV Ambreed’ way with his granddaughter.

Don Shaw has milked a few Jerseys in his lifetime.  He’s brought a few cows into the world too.

Raised on the Anchor Jerseys stud in Ohaupo, Don (80) is a third generatio…

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For us, having the ‘best’ once-a-day cows has certainly meant we have enjoyed having a ‘better life

Russell and Charlotte Heald appreciate the support they receive from CRV, and CRV appreciates the relationship with them too.  It’s relationships like this that have kept CRV Ambreed in business for 50 years.

After 10 years’ working with CRV Ambreed, nothing’s a problem – great field consultants, great bull selection, efficient service, and fantastic AI technicians.

The Heald’s are progressive dairy farmers with big goals.

They currently milk 430 Friesian and Friesian cross cows in a once-a-day milking system, so need cows with the udder capacity and udder sup…

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2019 Catalogue Available Now

Why consider CRV Ambreed?

We work with farmers to build a healthy and efficient herd, that you love to milk. It’s that simple. It’s all about what you need with flexible purchase options and easy solutions.

All you need to know about the 2019 products and services from CRV Ambreed is contained in our annual catalogue. View the 2019 catalogue

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Interesting in locating your local Field Consultant? We have knowledgeable consultants located from the Far North to the deep South.

North Island…

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