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West Coast AB Technician goes the extra mile

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West Coast AB (Artificial Breeding) Technician Kelley Molloy has been going the extra mile for local dairy farmers, keeping their mating season on track as they battle challenging weather conditions.


The weather disaster in the South Westland region has come at a particularly difficult time for local dairy farmers, who are in the middle of their all-important mating season. During this period farmers have daily visits from specialist AB Technicians to inseminate cows that are on heat. AB in cattle is the process by which semen is collected from a bull, sto…

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From hairdressing to cow insemination – Dunedin man hangs up his scissors for semen straws

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Robert Dahm was a hairdresser for 35 years and had never set foot in a cow shed.

Now, Dunedin resident Robert is an Artificial Breeding (AB) technician for CRV Ambreed and has spent the last 10 years servicing dairy farms from Clydevale to Oamaru.

Turns out Robert has quite a talent for getting cows in calf, winning this year’s CRV AB technician of the year award the Otago region. His job involves helping dairy farmers breed healthy efficient cows they love to milk. So far, he has inseminated more than 36,000 cows.

Artificial breeding or artificial inseminatio…

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Talented technician helps farmers breed healthy, efficient cows

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Waihi dairy farmer Gisela Bach has a special talent for helping others breed healthy and efficient cows they love to milk.

Gisela is an AB (Artificial Breeding) Technician for CRV Ambreed and has been named the Waikato AB Technician of the Year. Born in Barcelona, Gisela was a qualified vet in her home country of Catalonia. She travelled to New Zealand nine years ago and now manages 200-cows with her Kiwi partner Adam on his family’s dairy farm. In her fifth season with CRV, Gisela says she became interested in artificial insemination after chatting with an AB techn…

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On Farm Liquid Nitrogen Unit Management

On Farm Tank Management Guidelines

Liquid Nitrogen is a dangerous good and needs to be handled and stored carefully.

Your unit will have a MSDS attached (material safety data sheet).  You should take the time to read it.   If you are not able to locate the MSDS please contact CRV Ambreed Customer Services on 0800 262 733.

 As the customer, you are responsible for managing this unit on your farm.

While designed to be sturdy and dependable, liquid nitrogen units are a little more fragile than they appear. They require regular care and attention to ensure the…

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CRV Ambreed AI technician marks 62 years working in dairy genetics

Don Shaw, 79, has been surrounded by dairy cows his entire life. And, in his role as an artificial insemination (AI) technician for CRV Ambreed, he’s been responsible for bringing a fair few calves into the world.

Raised on an Ohaupo farm, Mr Shaw is a fourth generation New Zealand dairy farmer. For the past 62 years he’s also worked as an AI technician, inseminating an estimated 250,000 cows in that time.

At 17, Mr Shaw started his artificial breeding (AB) training with South Auckland Herd Improvement.

“You weren’t supposed to train until you were 18, but I w…

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