Better Herd Podcast

Better Herd Podcast Series

Join us with host Sheryl Haitana from the NZ Dairy Exporter as we get excited about all things herd improvement!

Listen and learn about the latest developments and practical tips for improving the health and efficiency of your herd.

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What is a podcast?

A podcast is a series of digital audio files made available to dow…

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Better Herd Podcast – Episode 1: Let’s talk animal evaluation

Better Herd Podcast Episode 1: Let’s talk animal evaluation


Sheryl Haitana talks to CRV’s Jon Lee and NZAEL’s Brian Wickham about the new genetic evaluation system for dairy cattle and what the changes mean for farmers.


“For more information, check out Sheryl Haitana’s article in the latest issue of the NZ Dairy Exporter.”

What changes are being proposed to animal evaluation?

CRV and LIC are collaborating with DairyNZ subsidiary NZAEL on a project to replace genetic evaluation software with a nationally consistent, independent genetic ev…

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