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Better Herd Podcast – Reducing our carbon footprint

DairyNZ and AgResearch have jointly released findings from a study that shows New Zealand dairy farmers have the world’s lowest on-farm carbon footprint.

In fact, their emissions are half of other international milk producers.

Commissioned by DairyNZ, the study was independently produced by AgResearch and peer-reviewed by an international specialist in Ireland.

CRV’s Rosanna Dickson is joined by André Mazzetto from AgResearch, who is one of the scientists behind the work. Andre talks about people’s reactions to the findings, how science could help the industry…

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Better Herd Podcast – Pregnancy Test options

Getting cows in calf is a critical part of dairy farming.
This Better Herd Podcast talks about how pregnancy testing can provide you with valuable information to help you make good management decisions. How much time do you need to allow for your dry period? How long do you need to achieve your BCS target at calving? How will you group your early and late calvers into wintering mobs?Did you know you can now determine the pregnancy status of your herd via milk s part of your CRV herd test?

Listen to DairyNZ animal and feed developer, Sam Tennent, and CRV herd test…

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Better Herd Podcast – Polled Genetics

Polled Dairy Sires are becoming popular with forward thinking dairy farmers to breeding hornless animals and future proof their business.
This Better Herd podcast discusses how breeding hornless calves saves farmers time, money and improves animal welfare.
Okoroire farmer Floyd Smit joins CRV’s Jenna O’Sullivan and Rosanna Dickson to talk about breeding with Polled genetics.
70% of Floyd’s spring calves are bred using Polled genetics. Listen to find out why he is part of a growing trend.

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Better Herd Podcast – Increasing Fertility in Dairy Cows


University research has shown that the stronger the intensity of a cow’s estrous (heat), the better chance she has of holding her pregnancy.In this Better Herd podcast we discuss how these findings could help New Zealand dairy farmers improve the fertility of their herd by having a heat detection plan in place to ensure animals are put up for AI when their estrous intensity is at its strongest.Join Rosanna Dickson as she chats with Dr Ky Pohler from Texas A&M University about his findings and how …

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Better Herd Podcast: Choosing the right dairy beef genetics

Farmers have a range of beef breeds to consider when it comes to selecting the right genetics for their breeding programme.

Dairy Beef semen is ideal to use across the tail-end of your mating season, or if you want to on-sell calves to the beef industry. CRV has seen real growth in interest in dairy beef over the last few seasons.

CRV offers Dairy Beef sires that have been screened carefully for short gestation and good growth rates. These sires work well in both the dairy and dairy beef industries.

For this podcast, we have brought together breeders of four d…

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