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Well-known local dairy breeding expert retires

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At 70-odd years young, Neil Gamble says his field consultant role with CRV Ambreed is the only real job he’s ever had.

He has loved his job, especially 20 years of helping local dairy farmers increase the value of their herds, now retirement has come and he’s imparting his breeding expertise as a CRV rep for the last time.

Neil left school at 15 and went straight into contracting on-farm.  By 1967 he was leasing a small family dairy farm, adding two more neighbouring farms to the unit over the years, and contracting to a local tractor company during some downtime…

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Peninsula Farm is paradise

At the back of Raglan harbour on the West Coast peninsula lies one of the country’s most influential farming operations.

The aptly named “Peninsula Farm” is where herd improvement company CRV Ambreed grazes its young Friesian, jersey and crossbred bulls that wait to find out if they’re the dairy industry’s next megastars.

Each year around 150 bull calves are carefully selected for CRV Ambreed’s Progeny Test programme and are shipped from farms across the country to CRV Ambreed’s Bellevue production and logistics centre.

At around 12 months of age, their se…

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Understand the A2/A2 status of your herd


CRV Ambreed and Analytica has the ability to analyse individual cows Herd Test milk samples for beta-casein types. This test provides a percentage indicator as to how much A1 and A2 type beta-casein. A bulk milk sample beta-casein test is also available. The alternative is to use DNA from tissue samples.

Analytica was an obvious partner of choice for CRV Ambreed, as its labs currently undertake all the finished goods testing for The A2 Milk Company and the company has developed the IP around the Bovine Beta Casein Protein Testing from milk and finished mil…

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Mycoplasma Bovis – Biosecurity at CRV Ambreed

CRV Ambreed has a strong strategic focus on biosecurity, built up over many years, and as the second largest producer of AI semen in New Zealand we are confident our biosecurity protocols and procedures will effectively mitigate the known risks associated with the current M.Bovis outbreak.
In order to ensure our bulls and staff visiting farms maintain appropriate biosecurity standards, we have highlighted below key components that relate to the management of M.Bovis at CRV Ambreed.

International disease testing standards are followed:…

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Johan’s unusual job

Johan Fourie always gets a kick telling people he works in the “sex industry”, particularly unsuspecting townies. His official role is the production farm manager for CRV Ambreed at Bellevue Farm in the Waikato.

The 26-year-old South African is responsible for the semen harvesting, animal health care and well-being and general semen production of CRV’s bulls.

There are around 160-180 bulls on the farm at any one time, with a maximum capacity of 250. The farm is set up in different parts; the internal barns and paddocks make up the EU Facility and the outer parts …

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