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Sexed semen ticks the boxes for Canterbury farmer

Ian Hopping’s herd fertility is a top priority, so investing in sexed semen for the first time last Spring was a decision he did not make lightly.

With an unexpectedly high conception rate, he is thrilled with his return on investment, demonstrating how sexed semen benefits herds.

Now living at Mount Maunganui, Ian owns two dairy farms in Canterbury, which he converted. Both properties have 1000 cows and are run by lower order sharemilkers. Milking twice a day, the predominantly Friesian herds average 550kgsMS per cow. Ian travels South every year during mating a…

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Herd Testing CRV

Stress free herd testing for first time sharemilkers

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Golden Bay farmer Phil Smith has been dairy farming for 19 years and has always dreaded herd testing.

“I would wake up in the morning and genuinely think about calling our provider to cancel it,” says Phil.

That was until he switched to CRV Ambreed this season and discovered that the herd testing process can be completely painless.

“It didn’t even feel like a herd test,” says Phil. “The CRV technician and I were laughing in the shed. It was like having a mate working with me.”

Phil and his wife Savannah are in their first-year sharemilking.

“We are alway…

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Dairy farmers strike gold across the country

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Five lucky farmers have struck gold this mating season, each winning $2000 after finding a special straw in their artificial insemination (AI) bank.


CRV Ambreed inserted five golden straws into five AI banks – three in the North Island and two in the South Island – as distribution of semen straws started ahead of spring mating. The promotion was part of golden anniversary celebrations, recognising the company’s 50th year of proven performance.


All the straws have now all been found and the winning farmers are making plans to celebrate or use t…

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My CRV Journey

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As part of CRV Ambreed’s celebration of 50 years of proven performance in New Zealand, we asked local farmers and breeders with a long-term association with CRV to share their stories.  Neville Rule – our former colleague who is still dairy farming today – talks about his history and memories working with CRV Ambreed, in his own words.

“I trained as DIY technician in 1972 as a young 21-year-old 50/50 sharemilker based near Cambridge. Two years later, I purchased a small Northland dairy farm.

In 1975, I joined the Ambreed team in as a sales rep, then later worked …

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CRV has always put in effort to help us achieve our goals

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Campbell and Susan have been farming for about 24 years and have been loyal customers of CRV Ambreed over that time.

When they were originally looking for a herd to purchase, Campbell says it was easy to see which ones were ‘Ambreed’ by type and conformation.

In the end, it was Don Shaw that convinced them to use Ambreed genetics – he was their neighbour and local Ambreed rep at the time.  They’ve consistently used CRV Ambreed genetics ever since.

“Don would tell us what bulls best suited our goals and 90% of the time we would go with his recommendation,” Camp…

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