Weighing up your heat detection options

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There are a number of tools and technologies now available to help dairy farmers optimize heat detection.

Boyd Dingus, general manager for ESTROTECT, says deciding which combination of heat detection aids to use is a matter of weighing up each tool’s effectiveness, its cost versus benefit, and ease of use.


Tail Paint

Tail paint is inexpensive and has been used as a heat detection aid for decades. The effectiveness of tail paint can be hit and miss as it is never applied in a consistent way.

“Two people could go out and apply tail paint, and you’d …

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3 reasons you shouldn’t settle for tail paint

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Sponsored content created and provided by Boyd Dingus, general manager for ESTROTECT

You might be using tail paint in your breeding program for several reasons.

“It’s cheap.”

“It’s what I’ve always done”

Or maybe, “It’s what my A.I. company prefers.”

Sure, tail paint is better than doing nothing, but that doesn’t make it the best option. Tail paint falls short in a few critical areas – areas that may seem small until you add up their financial impact.

Here are 3 reasons you shouldn’t settle for tail paint:
   1. Tail paint is never ap…

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Dairy farmers on the hunt for golden straws

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Dairy farmers will be on the hunt this season for five golden straws hidden by CRV Ambreed inside artificial insemination (AI) units.

While children’s book character Willy Wonka provided some inspiration for the competition, the five farmers who strike gold will win $2000 each – not a lifetime supply of chocolate.

It has been announced this week at Fieldays that CRV Ambreed will insert five golden straws into five AI units – three in the North Island and two in the South Island as distribution of semen straws begins next month ahead of Spring mating.

CRV Ambre…

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New tags introduced to identify true Angus dairy cross cattle

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New ear tags for dairy stock will sort out what’s genuine Angus dairy cross cattle and what’s not. The new ‘Angus X Dairy’ tag, launched in partnership between Angus New Zealand, CRV Ambreed and Allflex, allows farmers to tag and identify dairy calves which are 50% Angus, having been sired by a registered Angus or Performance Recorded Angus Cattle (PRAC) bull.

Angus breed representative Guy Sargent says the ultimate goal of the new tag is to make sure dairy farmers receive the premiums they deserve for higher value offspring.  It also gives the buyer of a calf certa…

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CRV Ambreed hits half-century

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We turn fifty this year!!

Over the past five decades the company has helped thousands of farmers breed dairy cows that they are proud to have in their herd. Running a local breeding programme for 50 years has allowed CRV to breed the type of animal that suits the unique New Zealand farming systems.

Managing director Angus Haslett says the key to the company’s long-term success has been its culture of passion and a desire for continued improvement.

“CRV Ambreed is recognised as a strong, innovative artificial breeding company here in New Zealand,” says Haslett….

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