CRV Ambreed boosting skills for AI technicians ahead of busy season

CRV Ambreed has been meeting with its technicians responsible for Artificial Insemination (AI) ahead of a busy season.


Technicians met recently in Te Awamutu to ensure a smooth-running season for farmers using the CRV Ambreed AI technician service. CRV Ambreed has a team of about 200 AI technicians who service farms across New Zealand. In an average season, they’ll inseminate about 500,000 straws.


The company’s AI Services Manager Cara O’Connor says new staff have been brought on board for what is expected to be a busy AI season. “We’ve recrui…

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Mycoplasma outbreak; CRV closely monitoring situation

Mycoplasma Bovis is a micro-organism of cattle. It has recently been found in NZ for the first time in a dairy herd in South Canterbury. The disease does not affect humans.
There is currently a major MPI response to contain and eradicate the disease on farms affected. This is MPI’s current goal but may change as more information becomes known and the situation evolves. CRV Ambreed are receiving daily updates from MPI on the latest outcomes of the on-farm investigations and management of the disease.

Testing for the disease has its challenges and as this is a new di…

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Research delivers promising result around partitioning of dietary nitrogen

category Genetics

CRV Ambreed’s genetic research into reducing nitrogen leaching on New Zealand dairy farms has identified that when cows are bred for low milk urea concentration, a proportion of the nitrogen diverted away from the cow’s urea goes into milk protein.

This finding gives CRV Ambreed further confidence that breeding cows for low milk urea concentration will not only reduce the amount of nitrogen excreted in their urine, but will also increase the efficiency with which dietary nitrogen is used for milk protein production.

The search to understand precisely how animals …

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Farmers able to access Milk Urea Nitrogen breeding values through CRV Ambreed

category Genetics, Services

Dairy farmers herd testing and herd recording with CRV Ambreed will soon receive their Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN) breeding values.

CRV Ambreed Managing Director Angus Haslett says the additional information will be welcomed by farmers wanting to use LowN Sires™, CRV’s low-MUN bulls.

The dairy herd improvement company made a major announcement in late March about its genetic discovery that it anticipates could reduce nitrogen leaching on New Zealand farms by 20% within 20 years and result in a more sustainable dairy industry.

In what’s thought to be an internatio…

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Rural Bachelor contestants to get “hands-on” at CRV Ambreed’s Fieldays stand

category Genetics, Other

Contestants in the Rural Bachelor competition at the national Fieldays this year will find themselves on the right end of urine tests at the CRV Ambreed stand.


CRV Ambreed sponsors the highly popular competition and each year, the rural bachelor contestants make their way to the CRV Ambreed stand to test their abilities as part of the contest.


This year they will be hands-on with some LowN Sires™ “urine tests”, but they’ll be doing the testing, not providing the samples, says CRV Ambreed Sales and Marketing Manager Mathew Macfie. “As dairy farmers will …

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