James Smallwood

Genetics helps secure a premium for high value milk

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Genetics will play a key role in helping farmers achieve a premium for their milk as part of Fonterra’s new Cooperative Difference Programme.

CRV Managing Director James Smallwood says it makes sense that farmers who have invested in tools and solutions, such as genetics, to produce high-quality milk from healthy and productive herds, are rewarded.

“The Co-operative Difference Payment programme aligns extremely well with what farmers can expect from breeding with CRV sires,” he says.

“For many years, CRV has provided farmers with a choice of sires that perform…

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Better Herd Podcast – Latest bull team offers more than just high index

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CRV New Zealand’s latest bull team offers more than just high index, responding to farmer demand for genetic solutions to tackle challenges around the environment, herd efficiency and animal welfare.

CRV has introduced a wide range of new sires to its portfolio for 2021, with 22 newly graduated sires and 15 new genomic InSires, in addition to 13 new sires in its global portfolio.

Peter van Elzakker covers the highlights of the catalogue during the Better Herd Podcast.

CRV is encouraging farmers to get orders in early for sexed semen, as availability is limited…

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Sexed semen ticks the boxes for Canterbury farmer

Ian Hopping’s herd fertility is a top priority, so investing in sexed semen for the first time last Spring was a decision he did not make lightly.

With an unexpectedly high conception rate, he is thrilled with his return on investment, demonstrating how sexed semen benefits herds.

Now living at Mount Maunganui, Ian owns two dairy farms in Canterbury, which he converted. Both properties have 1000 cows and are run by lower order sharemilkers. Milking twice a day, the predominantly Friesian herds average 550kgsMS per cow. Ian travels South every year during mating a…

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Farmers driving genetic gains using sexed semen

category Genetics, Innovation

Orders for frozen sexed semen at CRV Ambreed have more than doubled over the last two years as dairy farmers look to get more from their top cows through genetic gain.

CRV product development manager Peter van Elzakker says an increasing number of farmers are considering sexed semen as a tool for lifting the quality of their herd improvement programme and getting replacements from top producing cows.

“For herds with good fertility management, using sexed semen from the very best proven bull sires is the best way to get ahead.

“We’ve seen a trend of farmers usi…

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Speckle Park cattle offer more than just paddock cuteness

category Genetics

Speckle Park is a fast-growing breed that is helping dairy farmers meet demand for a high-quality dairy beef cross product.

One of the key attractions of the breed for dairy farmers is the suitability of Speckle Park for use across all breeds, with the colour mark holding well with Friesian, Ayeshire, Jersey and cross breeds. The colour marking makes the animals easy to identify and reduces the chance of them ending up on the dairy platform.  The breed is also naturally polled, which is another popular trait.

The Speckle Park offers dairy farmers an attractive so…

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