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North Island…

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40 years later, Ray Lawrence retires from his key role in Taranaki

Dairy breeding expert in the Naki retires after 40 years

It would be easy to say no one is more passionate about breeding better dairy cows than Taranaki’s Ray Lawrence.

After more than forty years working with local dairy farmers to breed healthier and more efficient herds, it’s the start of a new era as Lawrence retires from his field consultant and artificial insemination (AI) technician roles at CRV Ambreed.

His long association with CRV Ambreed began in 1976 when he trained in AI and began using CRV Ambreed genetics in his own dairy herd.  In 1983, Lawren…

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More dairy farmers breeding to reduce environmental footprint

Dairy farmers are uping their game and doing more to improve their environmental footprint through their breeding programme.

CRV Ambreed’s Product Manager Peter van Elzakker says more farmers have been asking about CRV Ambreed’s LowN sires this year with the goal to start breeding for lower Milk Urea Nitrogen concentration (MUN).

Cows bred for lower levels of MUN are expected to excrete less nitrogen in their urine, which then reduces the amount of nitrogen leached when cows are grazed on pasture.

This year over a quarter of all CRV Ambreed’s orders are for bu…

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A surge in Speckle Park sales

category Genetics

CRV Ambreed has seen a surge in Speckle Park sales this year with sales for the breed now our second biggest selling beef breed after Hereford.

Once classified as a specialty beef breed, it’s now a popular choice for many farmers.

This months’ figures show sales for Speckle Park are up 50% compared to the same time last year.

Speckle Park was first crossed in the 1950s in Canada using British White Park, shorthorn and Angus cattle, which give them distinct colour patterns.

They are a polled, medium frame animal with impressive weight gains by 18 months. Mat…

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New IVF-type technology for CRV Ambreed’s breeding programme

For the first time in New Zealand new embryo transfer biopsy and genomic selection technology is being used to boost elite animal breeding for the dairy industry.

CRV Ambreed’s Embryo Transfer (ET) programme pulls together existing technology in a new way, to reduce the time taken to produce elite high genetic merit bulls.

Animal Breeding Services (ABS) general manager, Jacqui Forsyth says the embryo transfer process for the most part works like IVF for humans.

“Eggs are collected from the cow using ultrasound which are then placed into a medium for 24 hours t…

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