Farmers driving genetic gains using sexed semen

category Genetics, Innovation

Orders for frozen sexed semen at CRV Ambreed have more than doubled over the last two years as dairy farmers look to get more from their top cows through genetic gain.

CRV product development manager Peter van Elzakker says an increasing number of farmers are considering sexed semen as a tool for lifting the quality of their herd improvement programme and getting replacements from top producing cows.

“For herds with good fertility management, using sexed semen from the very best proven bull sires is the best way to get ahead.

“We’ve seen a trend of farmers usi…

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Speckle Park cattle offer more than just paddock cuteness

category Genetics

Speckle Park is a fast-growing breed that is helping dairy farmers meet demand for a high-quality dairy beef cross product.

One of the key attractions of the breed for dairy farmers is the suitability of Speckle Park for use across all breeds, with the colour mark holding well with Friesian, Ayeshire, Jersey and cross breeds. The colour marking makes the animals easy to identify and reduces the chance of them ending up on the dairy platform.  The breed is also naturally polled, which is another popular trait.

The Speckle Park offers dairy farmers an attractive so…

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Dairy farmers can create real value from dairy beef cross progeny and in turn pass that value on down the supply chain

category Genetics

Focus Genetics is an important partner for CRV’s dairy beef sire offering.  Established in 2012, Focus Genetics is NZ’s largest independent red meat genetics company. It has NZ’s largest DNA recorded gene pool with over 700k DNA-recorded animals including sheep, cattle and deer.

Focus Genetics focusses on breeding sustainable cattle herds by targeting traits that drive farm profitability, while remaining conscious of its environmental footprint. The company’s cattle programme manager Duncan Elliott says gestation length and ability to influence days in milk are prio…

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The four main traits Bluestone focuses on for a balanced Hereford bull

category Genetics

CRV partners with Bluestone Herefords in South Canterbury, which has been supplying Hereford genetics to CRV since 2014.

Stud owner Yvonne Lee says Bluestone focuses on producing a balanced Hereford bull with four main traits; low birth weight, short gestation, ease of calving and homozygous polled (hornless).

“Lower birth weight is important because we know that lighter progeny means less risk of a difficult calving. It’s fundamental to have a live calf on the ground with no calving issues for the mother. It gives farmers peace of mind and keeps costs to a minim…

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Belgian Blue is increasing in popularity in New Zealand as a dairy beef sire.

category Genetics

CRV offers sires from the Belgian Blue Group (BBG). BBG is the world leader in Belgian Blue semen. CRV has selected a sire called ‘Elk 41’ from the BBG specifically for his short gestation length and calving ease qualities. This Belgian Blue also provides easily identifiable colour markings, together with exceptional growth/muscle development through the breed’s double muscling gene and fineness of bones, ultimately resulting in greater carcass yields.

BBG export manager Simon Noppen says the size of the Belgian Blues comes from the breed’s double muscle gene, which…

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