CRV Ambreed offers genetic solution to increase FE tolerance in dairy cattle

New Zealand dairy farmers must act now and use the right targeted genetics to breed cattle that are more resilient to facial eczema.

That’s the message from CRV Ambreed’s research and development manager Phil Beatson who believes the dairy industry could learn a great deal from the sheep industry to successfully increase tolerance this debilitating disease long-term.

Facial eczema (FE) is not only harmful for animals, but also incredibly stressful for farmers when their stock is affected.

It is caused by a toxin (sporisdesim) produced by the spores of the fung…

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Efficiency and survival traits key to once-a-day herds

category Genetics

Once-a-day (OAD) dairy farming systems have been around for many years and have understandably increased in popularity in the last few years.

The upshot of this has been an increase in demand for AB companies to undertake breeding programmes producing bulls with genetics tailored for OAD systems.  This is nothing new to CRV Ambreed and we have continued to market bulls with the attributes most suited to OAD farming.

However, the specific requirements of the “OAD cow” and “OAD herd” are perhaps less understood, which I will address below.

It seems widely accept…

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