Farmers driving genetic gains using sexed semen

category Genetics, Innovation

Orders for frozen sexed semen at CRV Ambreed have more than doubled over the last two years as dairy farmers look to get more from their top cows through genetic gain.

CRV product development manager Peter van Elzakker says an increasing number of farmers are considering sexed semen as a tool for lifting the quality of their herd improvement programme and getting replacements from top producing cows.

“For herds with good fertility management, using sexed semen from the very best proven bull sires is the best way to get ahead.

“We’ve seen a trend of farmers usi…

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CRV urges farmers to be proactive about managing facial eczema

category Genetics, Innovation

As mating season draws to a close and the hot, humid weather sets in, CRV Ambreed is urging dairy farmers to be proactive about managing facial eczema (FE).

The call comes following an investment by The Ministry for Primary Industries’ (MPI) Sustainable Farming Fund to support the Facial Eczema Action Group – made up of veterinarians, dairy farmers and rural professionals – to explore ways of raising awareness of FE so that more farmers take preventative action.

According to a recent study led by Veterinary Enterprises Group (VetEnt) Research, facial eczema could…

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