COVID-19 response as at August 2020

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CRV assures customers that we continue to have essential service status and remain in a strong position to keep our staff and farmers safe, whilst continuing to provide a high level of service.

With the Government’s announcement that the Auckland region will remain at a Level 3 lockdown, and the rest of the country will remain at Level 2 until 26th August at this stage all of our operations will continue to run throughout the current alert levels, with safe practices in place, which include social distancing, personal protective equipment (PPE), staying home if staf…

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CRV Ambreed genomic evaluation systems explained

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gNZMI, gBW are quoted for  bulls whose breeding values are calculated using CRV Ambreed genomic evaluation system (MSAM) combining parentage, progeny, genomic and Interbull information. gNZMI uses the same weightings for the traits that are used for NZMI. gBW uses the same Economic Values for traits as BW. Based on the latest data, genomic biases have been adjusted for, but additional, non-quantifiable biases are present that make direct comparison with BW or LIC’s gBW estimates invalid

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WATCH: Thank you farmers

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CRV farmers don’t stand still! They work worldwide to provide for their communities during COVID-19.

All over the world farmers continue to provide food for their local, national and international communities during Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). We are proud of their efforts, and on behalf of CRV we wish you all to stay safe, stay home and stay kind to each other.

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On Farm Liquid Nitrogen Unit Management

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On Farm Tank Management Guidelines

Liquid Nitrogen is a dangerous good and needs to be handled and stored carefully.

Your unit will have a MSDS attached (material safety data sheet).  You should take the time to read it.   If you are not able to locate the MSDS please contact CRV Ambreed Customer Services on 0800 262 733.

 As the customer, you are responsible for managing this unit on your farm.

While designed to be sturdy and dependable, liquid nitrogen units are a little more fragile than they appear. They require regular care and attention to ensure the…

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Heat Detection critical to success

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Accurate heat detection is critical to the success of artificial insemination (AI). CRV Estrotect™ Heat Detectors provide the most accurate way to detect a cow on heat.

Introducing the improved Estrotect Breeding Patch, which makes it even clearer if the cow is on heat and ready to breed.

Estrotect, supplied by CRV Ambreed since 2002 have become a popular choice of Heat Detection aid for dairy farmers.  It’s accurate, easy to use and remains in place for the whole mating season, whatever the weather!

Proven and effective. Now even better!

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