GoodYarn programme rolled out to CRV Ambreed staff

CRV Ambreed staff are being trained to look out for the mental wellness of their dairy farmer customers.

All of the company’s farmer-facing staff have recently attended award-winning GoodYarn farmer wellness workshops which focus on addressing stress on dairy farms while promoting mental wellbeing.

The GoodYarn workshops are designed to:

Help participants recognise the signs of stress in others and how to approach them.
Help participants understand the key factors which contribute to an individual  remaining resilient and mentally ‘well’.
Remove the st…

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Farmers flock to facial eczema tolerant genetics

Using CRV Ambreed’s facial eczema tolerant bulls is just one of the things Whakatane farmer Richard Sisam is doing to help combat the disease on his farm.

“It’s one tool in the toolbox,” Mr Sisam said. “We’ve been using semen from facial eczema tolerant bulls for six years. We know for sure that our tolerance levels are increasing.”

He also uses zinc on the farm.

Mr Sisam considers facial eczema a scourge. Facial eczema causes liver damage and results in reduced milk production and, in severe cases, animal deaths. Liver damage is caused by sporidesmin toxin pr…

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Genetic base cow updated to reflect progress

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The genetic base cow – the genetic reference point for all dairy cattle in New Zealand – has been updated this month to become younger, moving from a 2000 to a 2005 born base cow.

The genetic base is updated every five years by New Zealand Animal Evaluation Limited (NZAEL).

In a media release, NZAEL manager Jeremy Bryant said the base cow update reflected genetic progress and prevented the gap between today’s animals and the genetic base becoming too large, thereby keeping the scale of genetic predictions relevant.

“Every year, there is genetic improvement in …

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CRV Ambreed genomic evaluation systems explained

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gNZMI, gBW are quoted for  bulls whose breeding values are calculated using CRV Ambreed genomic evaluation systems combining parentage, progeny, genomic and Interbull information. gNZMI uses the same weightings for the traits that are used for NZMI. gBW uses the same Economic Values for traits as BW. Based on the latest data, genomic biases have been adjusted for, but additional, non-quantifiable biases are present that make direct comparison with BW or LIC’s gBW estimates invalid.

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