On Farm Liquid Nitrogen Unit Management

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On Farm Tank Management Guidelines

Liquid Nitrogen is a dangerous good and needs to be handled and stored carefully.

Your unit will have a MSDS attached (material safety data sheet).  You should take the time to read it.   If you are not able to locate the MSDS please contact CRV Ambreed Customer Services on 0800 262 733.

 As the customer, you are responsible for managing this unit on your farm.

While designed to be sturdy and dependable, liquid nitrogen units are a little more fragile than they appear. They require regular care and attention to ensure the…

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Accurate heat detection is critical to the success of artificial insemination.

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CRV Estrotect™ heat detectors are proven to be effective and now they’re an even better heat detection aid for dairy farmers.

They’ve long held a reputation amongst dairy farmers as the best heat detection product on the market, and to make heat detection even more accurate, a new ‘Breeding Patch’ has been introduced.

The indicator makes it clearer if the cow is on heat and ready to breed. Once half the patch has been rubbed, farmers can be confident that the cow is cycling and ready for insemination.

The new Breeding Patch development came about after input f…

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Environmentally friendly bulls welcomed

Four new ‘environmentally friendly’ bulls have been included as part of CRV Ambreed’s latest team of proven sires.

New graduates Ambzed Powells CORTEX S2F, Tralee Shadow DART-ET S2F, Glen Leith Degree OMNIBUS, and Calrenah And WATCHMAN ET are four of 28 bulls in the CRV Ambreed LowN Sires team for 2018.

“In March last year, we announced our plans to market bulls that are genetically superior for a new trait that is related to the amount of urea nitrogen in milk,” says Product Manager Oceania Peter van Elzakker.

He says the LowN Sires bull team was popular when…

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Dairy’s gold medal genetic performers take the stage

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Eighteen new graduate bulls have been awarded gold medal status as part of CRV Ambreed’s latest team of proven sires.

The bulls and their breeders have been through a rigorous, four-year selection process, which identifies those sires with the highest genetic merit.

CRV Ambreed’s proven sires feature in the herd improvement company’s annual catalogue, which thousands of dairy farmers peruse each year to select the right genetics to meet their herd improvement goals.

Product Manager Oceania Peter van Elzakker says dairy farmers want milking herds that are healt…

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Heat Detection Critical This Wet Spring

With this very wet spring, what impact will the weather have on the critical pre-mating period? 

We asked CRV Ambreed vet, Bill Hancock for advice.

“The weather will definitely have an impact. Cows may not have bounced back from calving as well as they would have in a warmer sunnier spring. They are going to be a little less enthusiastic about being active when cycling, less likely to be walking around the paddock, and not regularly riding.

This means farmers and farm staff need to keep a closer than usual eye on activities and use quality heat detection aids …

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