Phil Beatson

R&D scientist finds genetic link for nitrogen leaching

CRV Ambreed’s genetic discovery that could help reduce nitrogen leaching on New Zealand farms by 20% within 20 years is thanks to the company’s R&D scientist Phil Beatson.


Mr Beatson says over the past five years CRV Ambreed has investigated what could be done with genetics to reduce the amount of nitrogen excreted as urine. Nitrogen taken in by cows in their diet is converted into five areas:  Milk protein (+ urea); growth (muscle is protein); dung; gases; and urine. “From an environmental perspective, we saw urine as being the big issue because of its imp…

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Hundreds of thousands of straws from low-MUN bulls available for farmers

CRV Ambreed has made a genetic discovery it anticipates will reduce nitrogen leaching on New Zealand farms by 20% within 20 years and result in a more sustainable dairy industry.


In what’s thought to be an international first, the dairy herd improvement company has announced it will market bulls that are desirable for traditional traits as well as being genetically superior for a new trait that is related to the amount of urea nitrogen in milk.


CRV Ambreed is now selling semen from bulls whose daughters will have reduced concentration of Milk …

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$15,000 scholarship packages on offer to tertiary students interested in dairy

Two $15,000 scholarship packages, which include international travel, are on offer to tertiary students interested in pursuing a career in the dairy and animal breeding sector.

CRV Ambreed offers these scholarship packages each year; one to a Massey University undergraduate science student, and one to a Lincoln University undergraduate science student.

The scheme is in its seventh year and has contributed more than $200,000 toward the education and development of its recipients so far.

The scholarship includes a trip to one of CRV’s international business u…

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Facial eczema reminder for dairy farmers

Dairy farmers are being urged to plan ahead and breed facial eczema-tolerant cows after New Zealand endured one of the worst FE seasons in years in 2016.

Spore counts ballooned in the North Island and parts of the South Island to the highest in a decade, and many herds had a large number of cows with clinical facial eczema.

CRV Ambreed says orders for straws of semen from bulls with genetics for a tolerance to facial eczema tripled in response in 2016. Tens of thousands of straws were sold and the firm’s global product manager for grazing, Peter van Elzakker, say…

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They’re here – Kiwi-bred polled bulls

In a New Zealand first, from next dairy season CRV Ambreed will offer genetics to farmers that will guarantee the birth of polled calves.

This announcement follows the recent births of a trio of homozygous polled bulls as part of the company’s genetic development programme.

The company’s milestone is the culmination of several years of carefully controlled breeding in New Zealand.

CRV Ambreed research and development manager Phil Beatson said the company’s goal throughout its polled genetics breeding programme was to “breed bulls that had two copies of the pol…

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