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May 2017

CRV Ambreed releases strongest portfolio of bulls ever
Herd improvement company CRV Ambreed has released its latest catalogue to help dairy farmers achieve their highest performing herd possible.
Global Product Manager Grazing Peter van Elzakker says the 2017 catalogue contains the strongest portfolio of bulls CRV Ambreed has produced.
“We have a whole group of new graduates that are very exciting. We have Raven, Geronimo and Russo that are in the top index list in 2017 and are a great addition to the Friesian team,” Mr van Elzakker says.
“In our jersey team, we have the number one sire, Triplestar, who is extremely popular already, even early in the season.”
The catalogue contains bulls that could provide genetic solutions to environmental problems faced by dairy farmers world-wide. Farmers can select a variety of genetics to meet their needs including facial eczema tolerance, polled calves, increased number of heifers, short gestation, A2 and once-a-day milking.
“Every farm has its own direction and wishes; our sales people are there to sit down with the farmer and select traits that need improvement in their herd or the traits that are important for the individual farmer,” says Mr van Elzakker.
He says CRV Ambreed’s new team of LowN Sires bulls are expected to produce daughters who excrete less nitrogen in their urine, and consequently less nitrogen will be leached into groundwater.
LowN Sires are potentially a powerful aid assisting farmers to reduce their environmental footprint and meet compliance objectives, he says.
“Contact your local sales representative so you can sit down and talk traits or phone us on 0800 262 733.”
Read more about LowN Sires, or view the full catalogue here.

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