2018 Catalogue Out Now

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Not long now until the 2018 Sire Catalogue will be delivered to CRV Ambreed clients. In the meantime you can register to attend your local Better Cow Tour.

The ‘Better Cows Tour’, features key CRV Ambreed staff discussing genetic solutions to tackle issues, how to improve herds, and they’ll showcase a forward-looking index that will help dairy farmers use a holistic approach to building their herds.

A2A2 is a hot topic at the moment, and we’re discussing that too. In our 2018 Portfolio we have plenty of quality sires offering A2A2 genetics across all breeds, Friesian 53%, Jersey 83%, Crossbred 61%. CRV now offer farmers A2A2 testing via Herd Testing which is a great solution to finding your A2 status.

Also up for conversation is The Better Life Health Index and Better Life Efficiency Index, which ranks bulls so farmers can easily and quickly choose those sires that will produce the most healthy and efficient herds for them.

CRV Ambreed Managing Director Angus Haslett says there’s been a focus for many years on the traditional traits of cows such as solids, longevity, live-weight however, “There’s been a significant swing in recent times towards farmers wanting to breed healthy cows that are resilient and easy to manage,” says Haslett.

He says the index will help these farmers choose the best sires for AI on their herds. “The Better Life Health Index focuses on all those areas that help create a robust cow that farmers enjoy having in their herds, such as great udders, fertility, easy calvings and great temperaments.”

Haslett says showcasing this index to farmers will help them look at genetics in a different way. “It’s not the only genetics tool, it’s a way to assess what the CRV bulls can offer via genetics. As a forward-thinking company, we want to help farmers easily choose bulls who will produce problem-free daughters and that means presenting valuable information to them in an easy-to-read manner.”

The Better Cows Tour runs from Dargaville to Winton over six weeks and farmers can attend to discuss the new indexes and get help with their breeding direction for their herds. Check dates and register here.

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