CRV Ambreed says 2016 Artificial Insemination numbers already up on 2015


Artificial Insemination rates among CRV Ambreed customers are already higher in 2016 than 2015, the herd-improvement firm says.


CRV Ambreed Managing Director Angus Haslett says Artificial Insemination (AI) rates have been steady throughout most of 2016 but have now overtaken last year’s total numbers. He says there was a noticeable rise in demand following the recent milk price hike in November.


CRV Ambreed contracts, trains and certifies 200 AI technicians around New Zealand and, overall, has about a quarter of the New Zealand herd-improvement market.


Mr Haslett says Holding Non Return Rates are calculating at similar rates to last year. He says good cows have been put forward for AI this year and this has helped keep conception rates steady. This could, in part, be the result of recent tough seasons, Mr Haslett says. “We know many farmers have been more strategic than normal about culling cows and it’s possible this ‘forced refining’ of herds is being reflected in the better cows being put forward for AI and the consistent conception rates we’re seeing.”


New Zealand’s wet start to spring, with lower sunshine hours, likely impacted on lower submission rates at the start of the AI season in the North Island, but this changed in mid-October when the weather improved. And November’s increase in milk prices had an immediate impact on demand for AI with many customers upgrading or increasing their orders, Mr Haslett says.


He says farmers appreciate that maintaining AI is valuable even in tough times because there’s an immediate loss of genetic return if it’s dropped. “Genetics is a highly valuable, long-term activity that is playing an increasingly important role in managing our environment and our herds. It’s about farming smarter and farming for an ever-changing and challenging future.”


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