Guaranteeing herd improvement with the best of the best, HFNZ Superior Female Programme.

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Holstein Friesian New Zealand and CRV Ambreed are proud to announce the latest tool to increase the standard of black and white genetics in New Zealand – Holstein Friesian Genetic Leaders Superior Female Programme.

Launched today, this programme will identify superior registered Holstein Friesian females throughout the country who are set to produce superior male progeny to be offered to the already-successful Holstein Friesian Genetic Leaders Male Programme.

HFNZ members will have the opportunity to nominate animals for the programme and with two rounds to pass before being selected, the HFNZ CRV Sire Proving Committee is looking for the best of the best.

“This joint contract mating scheme between HFNZ and CRV Ambreed is to ensure the best genetics within New Zealand’s own pedigree Holstein Friesian population are bred on and made available to the dairy industry,” says HFNZ General Manager Cherilyn Watson.

“The only way we can guarantee herd improvement to Holstein Friesian breeders is to make sure those superior genes can be easily accessed,” she says.

“Any breeders nominating animals have the opportunity to receive numerous benefits, both at preliminary selection and full programme stages.”

Aaron Parker, CRV Ambreed Breeding Manager says the Holstein Friesian Genetic Leaders Superior Female Programme has been developed to feed the highly-successful Holstein Friesian Genetic Leaders Male Programme.

“Using CRV’s world-renowned genomic selection capabilities to identify those elite females bred by Holstein Friesian New Zealand members, we’ll be able to carry the breed into the future,” says Aaron Parker, CRV Ambreed Breeding Manager.

“Identification of new cow families and bloodlines is our ultimate goal,” says Parker.

“Over our 23-year partnership, the Holstein Friesian Genetic Leaders Programme has combined the passion, knowledge and experience of pedigree Holstein Friesian breeders with the expertise and resources of CRV Ambreed to bring some of the best Holstein Friesian sires to market.

“Successful beyond the expectations of any progeny test programme, Holstein Friesian Genetic Leaders is an initiative we can all be proud of,” he says.

“We value our involvement in the Holstein Friesian Genetic Leaders Male Programme, which influences deep into New Zealand cow pedigrees and consistently produces new graduate bulls.”

Breeders successful at the preliminary selection stage will receive complimentary genomic testing, parent verification and defect testing.

If selected for the full programme, the Breeder will receive complimentary semen for two mating years, discounted TVR/MOET programme, and discounted classification for all two year olds. Progeny are automatically nominated into either the next male or female programme and selected bull calves will be purchased by CRV Ambreed under the Holstein Friesian Genetic Leaders joint venture.

Successful candidates for genomic testing will be decided in early December of this year, with results returned late January.

The final team will be selected in March 2018.

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