Next generation of top dairy genetics named

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CRV Ambreed announced its latest team of elite “InSire” bulls in November, which are chosen based on a combination of genomic data and information about their ancestry, and are set to become the dairy industry’s next superstars.

The team includes young Friesian bull, Lornlace HH Design-ET S3F (Design), who joined the herd improvement company’s sire proving programme earlier this year.

CRV Ambreed global product manager grazing, Peter van Elzakker, says genetic predictions show Design has a high level of promise and genetic merit for farmers wanting to breed efficient and healthy cows.

“We’ve been developing generations of daughter proven sires through our sire proving programme for over 30 years, and it’s always exciting to see bulls like Design coming through the programme who validate our stringent selection criteria,” van Elzakker explains.

Design was one of 135 elite Holstein Friesian, Jersey, and Crossbred young bulls to begin CRV Ambreed’s sire proving programme known as ‘progeny test’ earlier this year. van Elzakker says his index levels and his individual traits put him among CRV Ambreed’s very best young bulls.

“Latest figures show Design is a high indexing bull with extreme protein kgs. He is among the top bulls nationally,” van Elzakker says.

“His moderate size, huge output and high longevity values will make his daughters incredibly efficient. He also has superior udder BVs. Added to this, he is an A2A2 bull and will join CRV Ambreed’s facial eczema tolerant bull team.”

Design’s sire, Mourne Grove Hothouse S2F, is considered one of the highest ranked outcross sires in the industry. His dam, Lornlace Mint Deva – ET, is also very well-known and was part of CRV Ambreed’s elite embryo transfer programme. Animal Evaluation Unit and TOP data has her classified 6 for udder and 9 for dairy conformation. She has an exceptional protein and fat BV.

“With traits like this, it’s no surprise Design is going to be a star. In fact, five of Deva’s sons are currently waiting for daughter proofs,” says van Elzakker.

Design’s and Deva’s breeders, Adrian and Sally Henderson, are owners of the well-known Lornlace stud just south of Putaruru, and have contributed many bulls to CRV Ambreed’s breeding programmes over the last few years.

In total, 15 bulls from the Lornlace stud have been proven, including CRV Ambreed graduates Dumpling, Dunlop and Dunstan.

Seven Lornlace bulls are awaiting proofs with CRV Ambreed this season, including two rising stars, Driftwood and Demon, who have previously been marketed as InSire bulls.

Design was also one of five Lornlace bulls selected to start progeny test this year, and another seven Lornlace bulls are in contention to enter CRV Ambreed’s breeding programme.

“Looking at our new InSire team as a whole, we are really pleased with the direction of our breeding programme, and we’re confident are bulls will make dairy farmers’ herds healthier and more efficient.” says van Elzakker .

CRV Ambreed’s sires are sought after by dairy farmers in New Zealand and overseas. Their efficiency and health traits make them an essential part of the success of New Zealand’s dairy industry.

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