For us, having the ‘best’ once-a-day cows has certainly meant we have enjoyed having a ‘better life

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Russell and Charlotte Heald appreciate the support they receive from CRV, and CRV appreciates the relationship with them too.  It’s relationships like this that have kept CRV Ambreed in business for 50 years.

After 10 years’ working with CRV Ambreed, nothing’s a problem – great field consultants, great bull selection, efficient service, and fantastic AI technicians.

The Heald’s are progressive dairy farmers with big goals.

They currently milk 430 Friesian and Friesian cross cows in a once-a-day milking system, so need cows with the udder capacity and udder support to meet the extra demands placed on cows in this system. They also want to have 100% of their herd A2A2 by 2025.

They say their CRV field reps have always been supportive helping to choose the right sires, focusing on udder conformation, shed temperament, low somatic cell count, and A2.

The couple is now working to convert their farm to a certified organic farm.

“We want to supply premium quality organic milk to the world and farm sustainably into the future.  Our focus is on the health of our soils and our diverse pasture mixes.  This flows through to the cows we farm and the milk they produce,” they say.

They support the work CRV Ambreed is doing to create “Better Cows I Better Life” for dairy farmers through breeding, genetics, and herd products and services.

“For us, having the ‘best’ once-a-day cows has certainly meant we have enjoyed having a ‘better life’ – more family time, time to farm without added pressure, and we keep on top of the day to day stuff.

“We believe Healthy soils = Healthy cows = Happy farmers!”


Farm owners: The Brow Trust

Managers / business owners: The Brow Dairies Ltd

Farm location: Norsewood, Tararua district

Farm size: 170ha effective (+ Run-off 120ha effective, used for dairy support and wagyu beef)

Herd profile: 430 Friesian and Crossbred cows in their second full season of once a day milking, on track to produce 320-340kg/MS per cow with a target of 380-400kg/MS per cow by our 4th year OAD

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