West Coast AB Technician goes the extra mile

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West Coast AB (Artificial Breeding) Technician Kelley Molloy has been going the extra mile for local dairy farmers, keeping their mating season on track as they battle challenging weather conditions.


The weather disaster in the South Westland region has come at a particularly difficult time for local dairy farmers, who are in the middle of their all-important mating season. During this period farmers have daily visits from specialist AB Technicians to inseminate cows that are on heat. AB in cattle is the process by which semen is collected from a bull, stored in a straw and used by the AB technician to inseminate cows.


Kelley works for CRV Ambreed and lives in Whataroa, which falls within the area cut off by flooding and slips. Despite the conditions, she has continued to work tirelessly with her CRV farmer customers and their vets to ensure their mating programme continues without disruption. On Saturday she arranged four vehicles to get through slips from Whataroa to Franz Josef so that farmers still received their AB service.


CRV Ambreed AB Manager Craig Scott says mating is a busy time of year for farmers and they have a lot riding on their artificial insemination. He has praised Kelley for her efforts.


“All our CRV customers already have their semen banks on farm, which means we haven’t needed to fly in product,” he says. “However, some farmers’ veterinary supplies have been flown in and Kelley is assisting local vets to ensure synchrony programmes can be completed as per their original plans.


“It’s a difficult time for everyone within the cut off area, with farmers in particular facing major disruptions to their business operations. It’s local people like Kelley that can help create a sense of normality to ensure the impact on getting cows back in calf is minimised. Cows are a farmer’s biggest asset, so animal welfare is also a top priority when mother nature strikes.”


West Coast CRV Field Consultant Amanda Skeggs says the company is blessed to have such amazing local AB technicians on the West Coast.

“Each year the challenge varies in our region and Kelley always goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our farmer customers receive exceptional service.

“Her dedication and commitment is outstanding, and I cannot thank her enough for being an unsung local hero.”

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