2021 Herd Solutions Catalogue

CRV’s latest bull team offers more than just high index. The 2021 line-up responds to farmer demand for genetic solutions to tackle challenges around the environment, herd efficiency and animal welfare.

CRV has introduced a wide range of new sires to its portfolio for 2021, with 22 newly graduated sires and 15 new genomic InSires, in addition to 13 new sires in its global portfolio.

Rosana chats to our Product Development and Product Manager Peter van Elzakker to find out more.

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Rosanna Dickson – Upper North Island Sales Manager

Rosanna Dickson was raised on the Awhitu Pennisula and has always been a country girl. She joined the dairy industry in 2013. Before that, she worked in FMCG and spent ten years in radio advertising, surviving the global financial crisis of 2008.

Despite being a qualified Chartered Accountant, Rosanna quickly picked up the intricacies of bull traits and semen collection after joining CRV. Her passion is finding the right solution for NZ dairy farmers. Not just products and services but understanding the key business drivers to ensure farms are profitable, environmentally sustainable and are protecting our “Licence to Farm”.


Peter van Elzakker – CRV product manager Oceania

Peter was raised on a dairy farm in The Netherlands. A keen interest in anything to do with cows led him to study genetics and agricultural economics at Wageningen University.

Peter has worked for CRV since 1994 primarily in product management and sales roles in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Since 2012 he has been based in New Zealand, from where he has travelled extensively to South America, South Africa, USA and Europe offering technical support to the wider CRV team and promoting New Zealand Genetics.

Peter works with CRV’s New Zealand genetics team to produce the right grazing genetics and works with the company’s sales and marketing teams to promote these genetics in New Zealand and around the world.





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